Monday, May 06, 2013

Maizey's 4-Month Stats

This in no way constitutes as an acceptable blog post, I do realize. However, I'm cleaning and need to jot down Maizey's 4-month stats, since the dumb doctor's office doesn't give us a fun print-out of them. And I'd like to remember these numbers, since she's a chunk!
Height: 25 1/4"
Weight: 15 lb. 7 oz.
She was in the 75-80% for both of these
They didn't give me the head circumference, but I think she was only at like, 50% for that.
Big girl!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More of Baby Maizey

Maizey's brothers still love on her every chance they get!

Chillin' in the tub

Napping at grandma's

"Take a picture of me and this huge strawberry, mom!"

This little lady likes to stuff her fists into her mouth every chance she gets.

 Her first and only time holding her own bottle (something Lincoln did every time from the start, which was so helpful!)

And her cutest habit, by far! Every time, after she eats, she's let out this HUGE stretch where she puts her hands way above her head, and point her toes as far as they can go. And best of all, her belly sticks WAY out during the process. So funny!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Baby Fun

Sweet girl!

Lincoln and his crazy hair

Maizey looks so tiny in this picture!

The Elf on the Shelf visited us for the first time this Christmas season. We had fun finding where he was each morning when we woke up! On this particular morning, he was riding the camel from our nativity.

 Santa just arrived at Doug's grandpa's house, and Kingsley is fast asleep!

Doug had lots of help shoveling the driveway

 Grandma and Grandpa Nelson came over at 7 to watch the kids open up some presents. They weren't up yet, so Doug went and woke them up. I still can't believe he did that! They came down the stairs like zombies. They saw their scooters, but just wanted to sit down and wake up some more.

 Mommy and baby girl

Catching some Z's, where possible

Loving the snow!

Watch out for these superheroes

 First smiles on camera

It stinks when the weather is in the single-digits and I have to bundle her up just to take Jack to and from preschool, which is just a few blocks away. She does look cozy in there, though.

Jack is becoming quite the eater! He can eat an entire 6" sandwich from Subway, which is one of his favorites.

 Doug is still enjoying his job, and we're just trying to survive this winter. We've had snow on the ground since before Christmas, and it has been bitter cold all of January! But we're very grateful that none of us have come down sick since before Thanksgiving. It has been a horrible flu season! Luckily, today was a warmer day... and I mean that relatively speaking. It was actually above freezing today, but still in the 30's. So the snow is starting to melt, finally! The boys are anxious to go outside with their scooters. They have just been riding them around in the basement.

Maizey is such a joy to our family. Her brothers adore her, and Lincoln will give her a kiss and a hug multiple times throughout the day. He is very sweet with her! She has started smiling, and just recently started her cooing.

The boys continue to either bash heads or act like the best of friends. Lincoln still enjoys his passion for cars and trucks... basically anything with wheels. He's very timid, but loves coming out of his shell whenever Jack is around. Jack is very social and gets along very well with other. He misses his best friend, Ryan, from Arizona still, and it's hard to make friends when everyone is cooped up inside during the winter. He's very excited to make a new best friend here. He enjoys anything Spider-Man and superhero related. His new "thing" right now is playing, "Stealth Mode." This is a game he invented where he hides behind things and is very quiet and sneaks up on people. What a nut!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Welcome, Maizey!

I guess I should start at the beginning...
So I was dilated to a 2 and 80% effaced for a couple weeks straight. On my 38 week appointment (I was really 38w 5d at this point) my OB offered to strip my membranes. I was desperate to get this girl out of me, so I took him up on his offer. I was discouraged when I didn't have any strong contractions 24 hours later. That appointment was on Friday, November 30th. Finally on Saturday, December 1st at 4 p.m., I started having strong contractions every 3 minutes for an hour. Then they slowed to like 10 minutes apart, so I thought it wasn't the real deal. I finally told Doug to call his parents around 7 and we were headed to the hospital at 7:30. By the time we got there and checked in, I was still at a 2. An hour later, barely at a 2.5! I was so mad and was afraid they'd send us home. Luckily, they let me walk around for an hour, and by then, I was at a 3.5! Finally, about 10:45, they admitted me, and she was born at 2:12 a.m. So funny that she was born on 12/2/12, at 2:12, and our recovery room number was 212.
Maizey Noel Nelson
7 lb. 2 oz.

   Welcome to the family, baby girl!

Meeting her brothers for the first time

Jack calls her Miss Muffin

Melinda and Heidi visited! SO great catching up with old friends!

We decided last minute to do Maizey's baby blessing while my parents were here, which left us 2 days to plan it out. We decided to make it small so that it was manageable for me, since it was only a week after I had her. So grateful for all the family that attended!

 Love you, little girl!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Jack, and Snow Day

We had a small family party for Jack with Doug's parents and siblings for his birthday. Here is the elaborate Spider-Man cake that Gwen did. She always makes awesome cakes!

The boys were so excited to play out in the snow, the first snow of the season for us! And they haven't lived anywhere with snow for over 2 years. Sweet!