Sunday, September 24, 2006

Birthday weekend

We had a busy, fun-filled weekend! Friday, we got a second opinion from a fertility doctor, and he had much better news for us. He said that since we have undiagnosed infertility, that he doesn't see why we shouldn't start with insemination instead of in-vitro. That was music to our ears considering insemination will only cost $1500-$2000/month, compared to in-vitro which will cost $11,000/month. So, we can start with the IUI (insemination) right away. He says if it's going to work, it usually will within the first 4-6 times of trying. We'll probably reassess after the 2nd or 3rd if it hasn't worked by then. Pray for us!
Friday night, we went out to dinner with our friends, Rachel and Brady, to Chili's. Then we came back here and watched Benchwarmers. It was pretty funny, but I fell asleep before it was over... Then Saturday night we went out for sushi with Mike and Nicole at a place called Mikado (there's a picture of us above.) Sushi is now one of our favorite foods! Then we came back to our house and played Friends Trivia. I was impressed that our husbands beat us.
Today, Doug's parents had me over for a birthday dinner. They got me some Shade brand shirts, they're longer shirts that I love. Cassidy got us some more towels (oversized ones even!), some cooling racks, and the new Rascal Flatts CD. Good times!

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The Bluths said...

Oh I love shade shirts, they are just a little pricy. I found another place called Downeast Outfitters ( that makes them too, but for a lot cheaper. Congrats on the better news, I'll pray for you guys!