Monday, October 16, 2006

Sorry, no pictures

Doug and I seemed to have a crazy weekend! Doug spent Saturday morning cleaning out the garage and cleaning the cars, then moved all his tools from the garage to the basement since he's working on the hutch from his grandpa. We'll also be working on finishing the basement in January, so he'll need his tools down there anyway. I spent the morning cleaning out our office closet, and combining everything from the 3rd bedroom closet into the office closet. That made room for all the baby stuff Eliza gave us in the 3rd bedroom closet. That was all in the basement, so I'm also doing my part in making room for finishing the basement. We still need to go over stuff under the stairs, but there wasn't time for that.
We then got ready for the day and had to leave for the stores, where Doug exchanged the shoes we got him last week for more comfortable ones at Kohl's. I also bought him a new sander so he can finish his hutch and the chair that I got from my mom early this year. I want to reupholster it and sand the paint off the arms. We made a run to CostCo, and made it home just in time to be late to having dinner with my cousin Corinne, whom we just found out lives in Lehi as well! We had lasagna and I brought pumpkin pie for dessert. We played hand and foot and had a great time. And of course, Sunday was our lazy day.
I got my video editing software this weekend as well, and have been fooling around with that, learning how to use it. I'm so excited to make my first video!


Eliza Brock said...

Hey sounds like you had a great weekend! Hope you had fun with Corrine, I just love her! And you too!


*Jessica* said...

I am so excited to see your first video!