Saturday, November 25, 2006

Deck the Halls

Thanksgiving was fun. It's always hard when you're not with YOUR family, but Doug has a superb family, so it was still lots of fun. I was also able to see my grrandpa, my aunt Holly, aunt Kristi, uncle Mike, and cousins Carrie, Corinne, and Lindsey. Doug and I went out shopping Firday morning, but not until like 9. No, we're not morning shoppers, and we didn't see anything appealing doorbusters in the ads anyway. Plus, we have our eyes set on a much BIGGER present that we'll be paying off for years to come (yes, besides fertility procedures.) I'll let you know what that is if/when it works out. Then we came home and sat around like bums the rest of the day. It's so nice to have some time off! I did get my wreath done that I had mentioned on an earlier blog as well. Compare it to the Pottery Barn wreath. I made an $80 wreath for about $16.50! We then bought a tree and came home and decorarated it. Now that we can buy a decent size tree, we need more ornaments! We'll have to search for those more later on as we didn't find any that we liked at Wal-Mart or Rod Works.
Today was the BYU/Utah game, so we watched that and had pizza and dip with Kolton and his friends at our house. I can't believe BYU won in the last second! What a let-down for the guys. I just looked down and saw Buddy sleeping by my feet, so there's a picture of that as well. Buddy's getting very clever when he wants a banana. You can see him pulling one off the table to devour. Don't worry though, I stopped him before it was too late.


The Bluths said...

Very cute wreath, good job!

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Martha Stewart! Looks identical to PB!