Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy birthday, Mike!

Yesterday was both of our good friends' birthday's, Brady (the one in the picture below with Doug at Winger's), and Mike (the one at the corn maze with us.) We had Cafe Rio with Mike and Nicole last night, and Mike's sister, Michelle. During dinner, we watched The Office and Grey's Anatomy. Then we went over to their house and had cake and ice cream. We didn't even get home until 10:30, sheesh! I know, we're lamo's and go to bed early. We have no big plans this weekend. I'm planning on making a copy-cat wreath that I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog. But I don't have $80 to spend on a wreath, I think I can make one just as nice. We also need to get ready for Thanksgiving! My assignment was a fruit salad and some sort of dessert, so we'll see what happens.
The marketing department at work is going to Spaghetti Mama's, and then to the new 007 movie today, so that will be a nice Friday activity. Doug always has Friday's off, so he's probably sitting at home and playing Xbox or something like that. Lucky!

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