Thursday, January 25, 2007

Time to go home

Wow, I can't believe it's time to go home already! Since Jon, Eliza's husband has been out of town, I have been staying overnight at her house since Monday night. The kids wake up around 7:30, eek! Oh well, it has been so much fun spending time with them and getting to know them better. It will be hard to leave, but great to be back with Doug. I fly out tonight around 6:30, and will be back in Salt Lake around 8. Doug and I have been looking a little at houses lately, so we'll probably spend some time doing that this weekend. We're in no hurry to move, but are just looking at our options. The Sundance Film Festival is this weekend in Park City. I thought it would be fun to go up there again like we did a couple years ago, but I'm sure it will be crowded. Remember this? Well, I need to go help with the kiddies and get ready for the day. I'll be back in Utah soon!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sick Saturday

Eliza's husband is home for the weekend, so I'm giving them some space since he's been away all week. So far, three people in my family have been down with a really bad flu, and this morning, my mom woke up with it! I think I'm starting to get it, but not as bad because I have been taking Airborne! I feel a little ill, but no throwing up yet so that's good. Hopefully I can stay away from it. My mom had my two nieces here last night (one of which already had this flu), so I was helping her with them last night and today. We made s'mores, watched a princess movie Olivia picked out, watched some of the Swan Princess, etc. I know, you boys are so jealous! Today I've just been lounging with my mom since we're both feeling crappy. Hopefully that will pass here pretty soon!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Been awhile

So I'm just now able to write another post. I've been so busy! I got to Eliza's this morning at 7:30, just in time for the twins and Olivia to wake up. I made them breakfast, changed them, got them dressed, and did the girls' hair. It took me a total of 3 hours, yes, 3 hours! I was also trying to put all the dishes away from the night before, and load the dishwasher with breakfast dishes. Whew, talk about work! This mom business is tough work, congrats to all you stay-at-home moms! I then went with Eliza to her hydration appointment. She finished up her last bad chemo yesterday, yay! She has felt nauseous lately, but if you're interested in that, feel free to visit her blog. The rest of the day was just craziness after we got back from the hydration. Olivia, the 4-year-old, has been requiring a lot of attention lately, and has been very high maintenance. She always wants to do everything with her mommy. Sorry to stay so vague, but again, I don't have much time here. Hopefully I'll write more soon.

Monday, January 08, 2007

More fun from Colorado

Here's a pic of Doug, Eliza, and me while at chemo with Eliza before Doug went back home.
There Doug, there's your bald picture! He shaved his head before we went out to Colorado, and put a comment on here that I didn't show his picture. You can also visit My Pictures for more pictures from when I've been away. This morning, Eliza took me and the twins to a restaurant called The Egg & I for breakfast while Olivia was in pre-school. We then came back to her house, and I went to Olivia's pre-school to pick her up. It was Eliza's turn as the parent to clean the toys, so I was the lucky one to do that today. Then we came back here, and now it's naptime. Eliza and Olivia are watching "Eight Below." I think we're going to go swimming tomorrow morning since Olivia doesn't have school. Tonight... honestly, I'll probably go home to my parent's, have dinner, and watch Prison Break until I go to bed. We're not fully caught up yet, but we're getting there...

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Snowed in

Colorado had a ton of snow Thursday night once again, so we were snowed in for the most part yesterday. Since I'm at my sister's house during the day, and come to my parent's house for dinner and to sleep, I was stuck at my parent's house Friday, unable to help Eliza. This was okay since her husband, Jon's work was cancelled, he was able to stay and help. My parents, Mason and I watched a lot of Prison Break last night because of it. Ashley, I noticed you said they're starting season 3 pretty soon. This could very well be, I just assumed they were coming back from the break from season 2, as they did with season 1. It's coming back January 22nd nonetheless.
Since Jon didn't work today, Eliza again didn't need me. Instead, I ran some errands with my dad, and helped my mom spend her Christopher & Banks gift card which she received on her last birthday at the end of November. I know, it was definitely time, huh?
My parents know how bored and lonely Doug has been this past week, he has been sick and has been stuck at home all by himself for the majority of this week. They bought me a plane ticket home for next weekend, I'm so excited! Since Eliza is "over the hump" with her bad days with the chemo treatment, I'll be home for the weekend with Doug, and back before she has her next treatment, where it will then be bad again. It will be so great to see him!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Wow is all I can say. I have been SO busy since I've been here! I've only been officially helping my sister the past 3 days, but it seems like I've been doing it all along. Over Christmas break, as you could see from the pictures, Doug and I spent a ton of time with my family. It was nice to take a week off of work and just relax and do what we wanted. Last weekend, we went to Chuck E. Cheese with the fam, we had a blast! Doug left for Utah on Monday, and we both miss each other like crazy. Eliza's kids are so cute, but they're certainly a handful! I've had no problems going immediately to sleep when my head hits the pillow since I started helping out. On Tuesday, I came over and gave her kids these little aprons I found at Target, and they had fun wearing those around the house and playing with Olivia's kitchen.

I also took a quick picture of Alexandra and Cody playing in their cars. I thought it was so funny that Cody just pushes his car around, and Alex actually gets into hers. Goof balls!

When I'm not at Eliza's, I'm at my parents either sleeping or watching Prison Break. I seem to have hooked my parents and younger brother on that show, as we have been watching season 1 the last couple of nights, trying to get caught up before season 2 starts again on Fox. All the family time I've had has been a blessing since I can't spend time with them whenever I want. I miss Doug and I miss my work friends, but I have enjoyed myself so far. It has been great being able to help Eliza so that she can have a little less stress during this time.