Monday, January 08, 2007

More fun from Colorado

Here's a pic of Doug, Eliza, and me while at chemo with Eliza before Doug went back home.
There Doug, there's your bald picture! He shaved his head before we went out to Colorado, and put a comment on here that I didn't show his picture. You can also visit My Pictures for more pictures from when I've been away. This morning, Eliza took me and the twins to a restaurant called The Egg & I for breakfast while Olivia was in pre-school. We then came back to her house, and I went to Olivia's pre-school to pick her up. It was Eliza's turn as the parent to clean the toys, so I was the lucky one to do that today. Then we came back here, and now it's naptime. Eliza and Olivia are watching "Eight Below." I think we're going to go swimming tomorrow morning since Olivia doesn't have school. Tonight... honestly, I'll probably go home to my parent's, have dinner, and watch Prison Break until I go to bed. We're not fully caught up yet, but we're getting there...

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