Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sick Saturday

Eliza's husband is home for the weekend, so I'm giving them some space since he's been away all week. So far, three people in my family have been down with a really bad flu, and this morning, my mom woke up with it! I think I'm starting to get it, but not as bad because I have been taking Airborne! I feel a little ill, but no throwing up yet so that's good. Hopefully I can stay away from it. My mom had my two nieces here last night (one of which already had this flu), so I was helping her with them last night and today. We made s'mores, watched a princess movie Olivia picked out, watched some of the Swan Princess, etc. I know, you boys are so jealous! Today I've just been lounging with my mom since we're both feeling crappy. Hopefully that will pass here pretty soon!


Heidi Merrill said...

I'm sorry everyone is sick, don't get it! We want you back here at work. Miss you

The Bluths said...

Everyone seems to be sick here too. I am coughing a lot and our stomachs have not felt right. Hopefully we've seen the worst of it. Did you watch Prison Break? Yeah!

Melinda said...

I'm with Heidi! Don't be sick. I hope everyone feels better soon!