Saturday, January 06, 2007

Snowed in

Colorado had a ton of snow Thursday night once again, so we were snowed in for the most part yesterday. Since I'm at my sister's house during the day, and come to my parent's house for dinner and to sleep, I was stuck at my parent's house Friday, unable to help Eliza. This was okay since her husband, Jon's work was cancelled, he was able to stay and help. My parents, Mason and I watched a lot of Prison Break last night because of it. Ashley, I noticed you said they're starting season 3 pretty soon. This could very well be, I just assumed they were coming back from the break from season 2, as they did with season 1. It's coming back January 22nd nonetheless.
Since Jon didn't work today, Eliza again didn't need me. Instead, I ran some errands with my dad, and helped my mom spend her Christopher & Banks gift card which she received on her last birthday at the end of November. I know, it was definitely time, huh?
My parents know how bored and lonely Doug has been this past week, he has been sick and has been stuck at home all by himself for the majority of this week. They bought me a plane ticket home for next weekend, I'm so excited! Since Eliza is "over the hump" with her bad days with the chemo treatment, I'll be home for the weekend with Doug, and back before she has her next treatment, where it will then be bad again. It will be so great to see him!

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The Bluths said...

Have fun back in Utah!