Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

So, I have been trying for like 4 days now to post a video on here, and it's not working. I tried Google Video "Contact Us," and that's not working either. Come on, Google!

We went to Cassidy's last week, and had dinner and saw their new puppy, and english bulldog. Here's a picture with Doug, Buddy, and Titus. Buddy was scared of him at first, but they were later playing.

I finally went over my review with my boss last week, and I got a $1.50 raise, I was so excited! She complimented me a lot on what I've done so far, so that was awesome to hear. I love my job, so it's a good thing I'm doing a good job.

I know, how lame am I for posting on Valentine's Day? I went to work this morning only to hand my laptop over to helpdesk so they could fix everything that's wrong with it. Then I came home at lunch since I couldn't really do much without a computer. I worked from home as much as I could, but most of my work is on my laptop, so that didn't last very long.

Doug made me breakfast in bed this morning, nice! Since we take turns planning Valentine's Day, it was his turn this year. He bought two tickets to a hockey game, which I am so excited about! This was a big step for him since he wasn't interested in going to a hockey game when I bugged him about it once. It's this Friday, so that will be awesome. We're not going out to dinner tonight because neither of us want to have to deal with crowds, so we'll go before the game on Friday. I know I spent a ton more on him, but he really wanted an iPod, so I got him a 30 GB video one. He absolutely loves it, so I'm really happy.

We still have a few more days until we find out if the insemination worked this time around, so cross your fingers for us!

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