Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sorry, no pictures

Well, pretty much nothing else has been on my mind except baby, baby, baby. I'm at about 6 weeks now, so half way through my first trimester. It's getting more and more exciting, even though I have nothing to show for it except a little nausea now. I started feeling that wonderful morning sickness yesterday, until about lunchtime. I had some cheese and chicken enchiladas at work, which were pretty good until about half way through. I had to stop when I about threw up. I read from my book "What to Expect When You're Expecting", and heard from my boss, that one thing to try when you have morning sickness is to eat some crackers before you get out of bed in the morning. The only crackers we have right now is Wheat Thins, so I tried that this morning, and it helped a ton. I also sipped on a vitamin water all morning (I believe they're real similar to a Powerade), so that may have played a hand in it, too. I still felt a little queasy, but not nearly as bad as the day before. The fatigue still hasn't set in too much. Well... except for Sunday. I was out cold in Sunday school with my head on Doug's shoulder, so we left a little early because I couldn't keep my eyes open. I haven't been that out in the afternoon at work yet, which is really good. I'd rather fall asleep at work than throw up at work.
This weekend was pretty boring after Friday. We had our friends Rachel and Brady over for dinner Friday night, and had some strip steaks and baked potatoes. Afterwards, we played a board game called Ticket To Ride that we got for Christmas. We always have fun playing that one! Saturday I laid on the couch all afternoon and evening because I felt icky. I was able to clean my bathroom, however. Doug and I went out to dinner at a chinese place in American Fork called China Isle. On Sunday, we went to church (most of it)and then to Doug's parent's house for dinner. We brought cream puffs, and they luckily turned out okay after three tries of the puff, and two tries of the filling.
Tonight I'm just taking it easy, sipping on some Powerade and reading the other book I bought called In The Womb. I can't get enough the pictures of what the baby looks like right now, and what's going on in there. I just find it fascinating. I hope you're all doing well, and be sure to leave me a comment to brighten my day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Last Week was the Week

Wow, so much happened last week, there's hardly enough time to tell it all in one blog entry. Nonetheless, I'll try. Monday started off with a nerve-racking day, because I still hadn't started, and I was supposed to take a pregnancy test if I hadn't started by Tuesday. So, completely expecting the test to be negative, I went home and took one while Doug was on his way home. Turns out... it was positive! Yes, I'm finally pregnant! I was so shocked when I read the test, I was more confused than overjoyed. I made Doug come up and check it, and I said, "What does this say to you?" He looks at it for a few seconds and says, "Well, it says you're pregnant!" We kept the excitement to a minimum for the next couple days, but still told family and close friends. We were both nervous that I would miscarry, and I still worry about that. But, I guess there's nothing I can do about it if I do. In the meantime, like my mother said, I will enjoy it.
Tuesday, Doug worked late, and I had to clean and get ready for my girl's night on Wednesday. Our girl's night was fun, I told my friends the good news, and we ate dinner and watched "Sweet Home Alabama." Classic chick flick!

On Thursday after work, my mom, sister, and her kids came over from Colorado, and stayed through Sunday! My mom actually left Friday morning to spend time with my grandpa in Layton, and came back to spend the night Saturday night, so I didn't see much of her.
Friday, we got up and went to Cabela's in the morning. We came back to our house for lunch, and went swimming in the afternoon when the twins got up. Those kids sure love to swim!

Then we came home and had some spaghetti for dinner. Saturday, we went to Lowe's and CostCo for a fan for our bedroom and for the kids to pick out a toy. The twins each picked out a sticker book, and Olivia picked out some Barbie books with a little kid projector you can shine pictures onto the wall with. We also had lunch at CostCo, hot dogs and pizza. You can't beat $10 for lunch for 6 people! Then we went to the Living Planet Aquarium where we saw all sorts of fish, and the kids got to touch sting rays!

I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it. Then after the kid's naps, we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. They were able to see all sorts of farm animals, and Olivia and Alex even rode on their ponies!

Sadly, they left Sunday, so our house was actually quiet on Sunday. Those kids are so dang cute! Doug and I spent Sunday installing a badly needed fan in our bedroom. Since we can't open our windows at night because the train is so close, and it's getting hot again, we can now turn on our fan at night. As Oprah would say, Hallelu-yer! Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures from this weekend, there were a ton!
Wow, what a week, huh? I have been feeling okay, as long as I have something in my stomach. I start feeling sick when I don't, so I feel like I'm eating all the time. Man, I've become such a heffer! My due date is Thanksgiving day, so I definitely still have awhile. Speaking of hunger, it's coming on again, so I need to go eat some grub.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Snowboarding and Spring

So, it turns out I wasn't completely ready for snowboarding last Friday! I took a lesson in the morning, and I'm pretty sure I figured out what I was supposed to do. But, I just didn't have the muscle that was required for it! I should have started working out much more than two weeks in advance.

Here's my co-worker, Melinda, and me before we started the day. One of my other co-workers, Jessica, took a lesson with me, but I could tell she was a little bored. She said she was there for moral support, and I'm so glad she did the lesson with me. Jess, you rock! Melinda and I left after lunch at the lodge, I was already wasted.
Saturday, I went and visited my grandpa in Layton for about an hour, and we spend the rest of the day just laying on the couch, since I couldn't move much anyway. Sunday was nice and relaxing as well. We came home from church and had steak, baked potatoes, rolls, and broccoli. Mmm!
We had our neighbors Mike and Nicole over for dinner last night. Well, actually, all we provided was the meat, chips and drinks, they provided all the hamburger toppings and fruit, so it was almost like they had us over. We cooked hamburgers on the BBQ, which was perfect because the weather was gorgeous yesterday. It's almost like spring has sprung, but I don't want to speak too soon.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and I'm so excited for you to come on Thursday, Eliza!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

New haircut

I know it's not the greatest picture, but you can't expect much when I'm trying to rush out of the salon. After work yesterday, I went to a hair appointment where one of my great friends, Christy, cut my hair for me. I was having her go off of some pictures of this singer named JoJo, where I saw one of her music videos and loved her hair cut. Yes, the bangs are back... sort of. It's the brushed to the side look, but they're there. Anyway, I had to rush out of the salon because we were meeting our friends, Brady and Rachel, at the theater to see Music & Lyrics. It was honestly a lot better than I thought it was going to be.
Today, I woke up and actually exercised for the first time in months (not counting Thursday.) We then took Buddy to the groomer, and made some stops at CostCo and Lowe's. The afternoon was nice for lounging and laundry, until we got ready to go to Chili's with Doug's long-time friend Matt, and his wife Christy. We saw Wild Hogs afterwards. I don't know what those critics were smoking, we thought that show was hilarious! I highly recommend it. Tomorrow we will be going to church, then off to Doug's grandparent's house for a family dinner. Wow, where did the weekend go?