Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Snowboarding and Spring

So, it turns out I wasn't completely ready for snowboarding last Friday! I took a lesson in the morning, and I'm pretty sure I figured out what I was supposed to do. But, I just didn't have the muscle that was required for it! I should have started working out much more than two weeks in advance.

Here's my co-worker, Melinda, and me before we started the day. One of my other co-workers, Jessica, took a lesson with me, but I could tell she was a little bored. She said she was there for moral support, and I'm so glad she did the lesson with me. Jess, you rock! Melinda and I left after lunch at the lodge, I was already wasted.
Saturday, I went and visited my grandpa in Layton for about an hour, and we spend the rest of the day just laying on the couch, since I couldn't move much anyway. Sunday was nice and relaxing as well. We came home from church and had steak, baked potatoes, rolls, and broccoli. Mmm!
We had our neighbors Mike and Nicole over for dinner last night. Well, actually, all we provided was the meat, chips and drinks, they provided all the hamburger toppings and fruit, so it was almost like they had us over. We cooked hamburgers on the BBQ, which was perfect because the weather was gorgeous yesterday. It's almost like spring has sprung, but I don't want to speak too soon.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and I'm so excited for you to come on Thursday, Eliza!


Eliza Brock said...

Love you, we are all so excited here too! wink wink

*Jessica* said...

Snowboarding was so fun! I am happy I got to "warm up" in the morning and watching you slide down on your bum was pretty much priceless... : )