Friday, April 20, 2007

First OB visit

Yesterday was our first OB visit. Things went smoothly, and just lots of testing and questions all around. She even gave me a bag of goodies when I left! It had a few magazines (Fit Pregnancy, American Baby, and one other), a magazine "From Conception to Birth" where it shows what your baby looks like in different stages, a Babies 'R' Us magazine, a few different prenatal pills, and a pregnancy planner. Sweet stuff! Afterwards, Doug and I stopped at Subway for lunch, and I worked from home the rest of the day while he went back to work. I stopped by Wendy's before working because our neighbor's son got his wisdom teeth pulled, and I thought he might like one. Michelle (his mom) was grateful, she said she didn't even think about having food in the house like jell-o or anything ready for him when they got home. My friend, Melinda, came over around 4, and we went to Home Depot to look at paint samples for her kitchen. Her cousin passed away in a car crash, with her three kids, and it helped to get her mind off things. I hope it helped, Melinda, I'm praying for you and your family!
I read that the baby is as big as a grape right now, just under an inch long. I'm at 9 weeks, so hopefully only a couple more weeks of this morning sickness. You all say it will end, but I don't believe you. My house is a disaster, I'm completely out of shape, I never feel up to cooking anymore, and all I want to do in the morning is lay in bed all day. Man, this better not last the whole time!
No super fun weekend plans as of now. We're hoping to sell our Honda tonight (we have two people coming to look at it), and if I feel up to it, clean my house.

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