Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gardening weekend

Our neighbors, Mike and Nicole, had us over for dinner Thursday night for some lasagna, salad, and french bread. We all like watching The Office and Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights. Unfortunately, Grey's wasn't new. But we still watched The Office. They recently finished their basement and just got their new couch, so we hung out down there to watch it.
I ended up only working like 2 hours on Friday, I felt so lazy. I woke up feeling somewhat okay, and just didn't want it to end by getting out of bed and getting ready for the day. It also didn't help that Doug doesn't work on Friday's, that made me want to stay home even more. I had a meeting at 2:30 with my boss, so I went in at 2 to prepare for it. Turns out, she didn't show up for it, so I was a little annoyed I even went in. We didn't get to buying new clothes this weekend for me, so it looks like I'll just have to wear my pants unbuttoned this week. Can you tell they're unbuttoned in this picture? It doesn't even look like a pooch has formed, but I can certainly tell when I put on clothes.

Doug and I went out for dinner Friday night at Tepanyaki, a Japanese steakhouse. It's a little expensive, and they're huge servings, so we always share a plate. We came home and watched Red Eye, and some home videos from Lake Powell two years ago. Man, my hair was so short!
Saturday, I lied down in bed until 11, and Doug said he was going to get his hair cut. I made it out of bed to go with him and took Buddy to Petsmart while his hair was getting cut. We then went to Home Depot and got a new pot for the corner of the yard, and some flowers to plant.

Hopefully we'll be able to enjoy SOME of them this summer. We're trying to sell our Honda since we just bought Doug's uncle's car, so we met a couple people about that this weekend. We haven't sold it yet, but hopefully soon. We went to Park City with our friends Brady and Rachel last night to this mexican restaurant called La Casita. It was pretty good. I literlly only had two bites of mine because I wasn't feeling well. I felt bad because they paid for a lot of dinner with a gift card they had. Then we went back to their house and watched this Jim Gaffigan comedy DVD. It was funny, but my contacts were so ready to come out, I had to close my eyes, and ended up falling asleep. I know, I'm a ton of fun to hang out with these days. Sorry, Rachel!


Eliza Brock said...

Your first preggers pic! How excited are you? I am coming off my seat right now. I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I miss you and will see you when? Mother's day?


The Bluths said...

You definately don't look pregnant in this picture, but I know how you feel, only you can really tell.

Christine said...

I gave up going to restaurants for awhile b/c I'd order something that sounded good to me, then be grossed-out by the time it arrived.

I think it's great you're doing all of that gardening! You'll have to post some pictures of it!