Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter!

The weekend was pretty slow, but that was totally fine by me. The more I lay down and relax, the less sick I feel. I spent Saturday morning in bed watching Mr. Holland's Opus (which, by the way, I cried at like 4 different parts, no joke), then got out of bed and did some gardening in the backyard. Some of the tulips I planted in the fall are blooming, so that was exciting! We also planted a few other things, so we won't see that bloom for awhile. I still have more room to plant stuff, so I bought some other plants when we went out to Wal-Mart, and will plant those later. We went out to Chili's at like 5 Saturday night because I was hungry already, and their steak fajitas really hit the spot!
Doug's sister, Cassidy, and her husband, Bryce, stopped by Sunday evening after church and dyed some Easter eggs with us.

Doug's mom and brothers were out of town, so it was just the two of us this year. We relaxed during the day, had church from 1-4, then came home and had spaghetti with marinara and chicken, a salad, and french bread. I wished I could have seen my family, but oh well. I'll see you guys in May!
We had our first ultrasound today with the fertility doctor, it was so amazing! I thought I'd be more emotional, but I found it more fascinating than anything. We got to see its little heart beat and everything. The doctor took a picture, but it's pretty bad. There were times when I could see where the head and limbs were, but the doctor just took a picture where you can't tell what anything is. I thought I'd post it anyway, though.

We're officially done with the fertility doctor, I gave them a thank you card just because they helped us make our dreams come true. My first appointment with my OB is a week from Thursday, so I may have another ultrasound picture to post again soon. How exciting!

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The Bluths said...

I can see the baby just fine, it's a jelly bean right?