Monday, April 30, 2007

It's a hard-knock life

I can't wait until the days when I feel normal again! I felt pretty crappy all weekend. Doug and I went grocery shopping Friday after I got off, and then we just hung out at home the rest of the night. I fell asleep before 10 on both Friday and Saturday night. On Saturday, my friend Taryn and I went to Jessica's bridal shower. We all work together, so it was lots of fun!

I came home, and Doug and I made a CostCo run. Nothing sounded good to me for dinner, so we just came home and ordered pizza. It didn't hit the spot, but whatever.
I had to lay down all day on Sunday, I just wasn't up to doing anything! Poor Doug, I think he needs someone else to take the place of waiting on me for awhile. Any takers? :) We had Brady and Rachel over for dinner, I made flank steak with my mom's famous marinade. Yum! I also made rolls, and Doug helped me out by making baked potatoes. Rachel brought salad, and dessert. We had brownies with ice cream and fudge, and strawberries. Nice work, Rach!
Today I'm just working from home again, since I have no meetings at work. Check out what Buddy does when I work from home, cute critter!

Doug got employee of the week at work this week, so he gets to drive the company car all week, he's so excited! I'm excited to see it, we'll see it today!
And happy birthday Heather, love you!

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Jessica Faulkner said...

That pic is so cute. Thanks so much for coming to the shower. I really appreciate your support! <3