Thursday, April 05, 2007

The joys of pregnancy

Wow, morning sickness sucks. I have felt the m/s every day for the past week, but still haven't thrown up. It has lasted all day once or twice, so I'm trying to get this down to a science... what makes me feel better? Worse?
Fatigue: Yes, I actually fell asleep in a meeting at work on Monday. It was only for like 30 seconds or whatever, and nobody saw me, so that's good. Plus I've been going to bed like an hour earlier each night, so I think that helps with that.
Cravings: I don't seem to have too bad of cravings unless I hear someone mention a food that sounds good. For instance, did you guys hear the talk from general conference from David Bednar about pickles? I totally craved pickles after that. And someone mentioned Subway here on Tuesday, and I absolutely had to have it for lunch that day.
Aversions: I have smelled a few foods that make me queasy, but I don't know exactly what they are. I smell them when I walk through the cafeteria at work, but don't know which foods I'm smelling.
My belly: Wow, my pants are already starting to be a little tight, and I'm only 7 weeks today! I have read in my book that that's normal, and it could be either because I'm just starting to show early, or because of other things that I won't mention.
Weepiness: Wow, I may not be able to Tivo Oprah anymore, I'm crying more than her audience these days! Good thing nobody's around to see it.

On other topics, we saw Blades of Glory this weekend with our friends Brady and Rachel. It had a lot of crude humor, which I don't like, but besides that, it was funny. Doug and Brady went to conference together Saturday night, while Rachel and I picked up Winger's for all of us, and went to Best Buy and Bed, Bath & Beyond. We saw a duck in a parked Jeep at Best Buy, you don't see that every day!

Tuesday, Rachel came over and we had pizza and watched Just Married, one of my favorite movies. Brady and Doug both worked late Tuesday night, so we decided to hang out. They're probably sick of us by now. Only 5 more days until our first ultrasound, I'm so excited! We'll get to hear the heartbeat, and find out how many babies we're having. I think it's just one, but everyone keeps telling me there's more than one in there, because we used fertility drugs. The odds of multiples are only 20-25%, but I guess that's about the same odds we had of getting pregnant with IUI. We'll see what happens, I'll keep you posted!


The Bluths said...

I felt like eating pickles after that talk too. I kept telling Ethan, "I wonder how many more times he's gonna say pickle"

Eliza Brock said...

At least you get a beautful baby at the end of all of this. I might be coming to Salt Lake for reconstruction next Dec/Jan ish. I will talk more to you about it later! Love you!

Christine said...


Congrats again! I'm sorry you're sick - it does end (eventually) but in the mean time, eat whatever sounds good. That was tricky sometimes - just finding something that sounded good. And I've heard that being sick is a good sign for a healthy pregnancy. Hope the first ultrasound goes well. I had one at 6 weeks b/c of some complications. It's funny because there's not really detail yet, but super cool because you can see the little heart beat flickering. I hope all goes well. And enjoy the extra rest!!