Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fun-filled weekend

Last week was SO busy! My grandpa's wife's funeral was last Wednesday morning. It was sad (obviously), but nice to see so many family members. My mom and sister, Amy, stayed the night at our house Wednesday night. We ate at Cafe Rio that night because Amy was craving it. Yummy! Thursday, we got up, got ready to leave, and left for Colorado. Thursday morning was wonderful because I finally had a taste of what it's like not to feel sick when I wake up. Friday, we woke up and caught up with my old college roommate and good friend, Tiffany, and her husband, Rhett, and their two kids. They stayed with us at my parent's house over the weekend. We ate lunch at McDonald's, then went to a place called Bounce where all the toddlers were able to get their energy out on those air-filled things that you can jump in.

Doug and I bought some Cold Stone ice cream for everyone afterwards. Olivia came home with us, and she and Taylor played with Barbie's for awhile. They also jumped on the trampoline, which Tiff said that Taylor had a blast on. On Saturday, the kids went to the park, and we relaxed in the afternoon. Mom made an awesome flank steak (which Doug grilled), then Tiffany, our husbands, and me went to the Centerra mall in Loveland and did some shopping.
Sunday morning was a big family brunch. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well, and couldn't help too much with it. But the food made me feel a lot better, so thanks guys! The kids then played outside for a little while before everyone headed to church.

Doug and I left to head back to Utah shortly after. It was a LONG car ride home since it didn't really help me feel better. It was such a nice break! Be sure to check my pictures link to see the rest of my pictures.


The Bluths said...

Wow it has been SO long since I've seen Tiffany! Last time I saw her she had just gotten engaged. She hasn't changed a bit, except for the fact that she has 2 kids now :)

Michelle Bingham said...

Hey girl! I hope that we can meet up sometime in Colorado again too! Maybe it won't be until you have your little baby as well! Anyway.. Looks like you guys had a good time!