Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirate weekend

My work had another film festival this weekend. Doug and I met our friends Matt and Christy at the theater, and we were able to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. If any of you haven't seen it, we HIGHLY recommend it. The ending is unlike any other, but totally fits the movie. Also, if you go, stay until after the credits, and you'll see another minute or two of the movie. If you're not in the pirate mood, this SNL pirate convention clip will get you there. Saturday, we relaxed in the morning, then went to Red Robin for lunch. Yum, I have been craving it for months! We also got my ring cleaned and rhodium plated, and did some shopping in the mall. I bought some shirts from the Down East kiosk for less than $15 each, that are actually cute t-shirts that fit me. Yeah, my other shirts are starting to not fit me. I'll get a picture up here soon, Ashley! We also stopped by the Toys 'R' Us store near the jeweler to see if they had the car seat we want, but they didn't have it. I think I wore myself out doing all that on Saturday, I came home lightheaded the rest of the night. It was a must to go grocery shopping that night too, so I had to hold onto Doug half the time.
Sunday we went to church, came home and ate, and played our Pirates DVD game afterwards. We ended the evening with shakes, and watched the Jazz game. What a joke, refs! If you've been watching, you'll see that they totally give the Spurs the upper hand. They never call anything on them, lame!
We thought yesterday would be relaxing, but a bunch of HOA stuff came up. We went and pulled weeds by the Pointe Meadows sign (the sign you see right when you enter the neighborhood), then got some bark to fill in around it.

While we were out doing that, we got lunch at Sonic, got a couple wedding presents at Target for friends and family, and washed the car. I was a little dizzy yesterday, too. I took it easy today by working from home since I didn't feel well this morning. Doug works until 9, so I'll be home by my lonesome until then. I wish I lived close to family so I could go hang out with them tonight and tomorrow night!

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The Bluths said...

Ok I'll be awaiting those pictures. And TAKE IT EASY!