Tuesday, June 12, 2007

16 1/2 Weeks

Doug and I bought a membership awhile back to this resort in Midway called Zermatt. With the membership, we got a couple free night stays, a buy one get one free night stay, free mini golf, free access to their indoor/outdoor pool when we stay the night, and a bunch of other discounts and memberships. We ended up going there on Saturday to check it out and possibly go swimming. The drive up was about 45 minutes, and it was beautiful. We didn't find out until we got there that we couldn't swim unless we stayed the night, so we ended up mini golfing. Doug will be happy to know that I wrote on here that he won. He said, "I don't even feel bad, I never win!" It was a good time.

We then ate dinner at Schneitter's, their buffet there. It was the night for prime rib and ham, and it was all SO good! We receive 50% off each time we go, so it was worth it. Our neighbors, Mike and Nicole, got the membership also, so we're excited to go up there with them in July for a night, so the guys can go golfing, and Nicole and I can go to the spa.
We had dinner at Doug's parent's house on Sunday, and then Doug and his brothers went to a missionary fireside while I socialized with his parents, Cassidy, and Bryce. Last night, we made mexican dip, and chowed down over hot dogs. I had a dentist appointment today, and and OB appointment on Thursday. I should find out when we're doing the ultrasound on Thursday, so we're excited for that! I'm almost 17 weeks, and she said we'd do the ultrasound between 18 and 20 weeks. So hopefully we'll find out soon what we're having!
Our trip to Cozumel is less than two weeks away now, so we're ecstatic for that. We really need the vacation, so it will be great. I only wish it was going to be longer than five days. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.

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The Bluths said...

Where is Cozumel? I didn't know you were taking a trip, maybe I missed it. You don't look any different than the last picture! That's so funny. Today is day 40 for me...it came right on the dot.