Sunday, June 03, 2007

New pictures

Busy weekend! We went out for sushi with our friends Rachel and Brady Friday night after my HOA meeting, then out to Cold Stone. We went back to their place and hung out for awhile afterwards, where Doug and Brady played on their Wii. Saturday was busy busy! I went to Rod Works with Rachel (a really cute home decor store) and bought an iron star that I hung on our front door, painted like an American Flag. I also got a napkin holder and some magnets. I came home and Doug and I went grocery shopping. We came home with our hands full, changed, and went to the zoo for his company party. We had fun walking around (in the shade, I think the high was in the high 80's/low 90's yesterday)and looking at the animals. If you check out my pictures, you'll see pics of the white alligator on loan from Louisiana, one of the gorillas, and giraffes. They also had a bird show where we saw a golden eagle and bald eagle in flight. We then left and stopped by our friend's Matt and Christy's house for a bit, and saw their son, Joshua. After that, we stopped by my friend Jessica's wedding reception. She looked beautiful! We didn't stay too long since we were worn out from the rest of the day. I get a little light-headed when I overdo it now.
Today we relaxed before church, went to church, and came home and had steaks and mashed potatoes and gravy. We went downstairs after dinner and set up a storage shelf we bought a couple months ago. It's so nice to have all that off the floor, ick!

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