Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Time flies

I can't believe it's already June 20th! Where did the time go? We're leaving on Monday for Cozumel, Mexico, and we're SO excited for the break. Work is so hectic this week that the break will come just in time. My passport finally came yesterday (it's about time). They quoted me 10 weeks, and it took over 11. They said Doug's would come before mine since his was just a renewal, but his is still processing. Sheesh! At least we can still go with proof that he registered for a new one. We haven't started packing, but I figure we have all weekend to do that.
I had an OB appointment last Thursday, we got to hear the heartbeat again. Pretty cool stuff. It took the doctor like two minutes (or it seemed like it, anyway) to find the heartbeat, so Doug and I were really nervous. Luckily, she finally found it, and the baby was kicking like crazy! Doug got to feel a kick for the first time on Father's Day, what a great present! We went to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday night to celebrate Father's Day, then went to this fetal photo place in the mall. Turns out, they do it by appointment only, and the doctor already left for the day. LAME! We were okay with that, we don't mind waiting a couple more weeks to find out what it is. Our ultrasound is scheduled for Friday, July 6th, so I'll keep you all updated. I got a call back from the nurse today about the blood test I did to find out if the baby has any genetic disorders, and it turns out they call came back negative. We wanted to do it because we thought it would be easier to take the news before the baby came, rather than find out when it's born, so we could be prepared for it.
I didn't take any pictures this weekend, but everyone keeps telling me that I'm not even showing. Doug keeps telling me that I say this every day, but I need new clothes. My pants are REALLY starting not to fit, I can't even zip them up anymore. The maternity shirts are all still too big, however.
Monday, I weeded our garden for an hour, it really needed it! We have a bird feeder in the corner, and all these seeds fell and grew into weeds. This time, I bought the sunflower seed kind, which the shells still fall, but they will decompose without growing weeds. Then, we had a dessert and game night with a couple neighbors: Mike and Nicole, and Paul and Marissa. We played three rounds of Sequence, and I didn't win once. Doug won twice, I say he and Mike were cheating. Last night was enrichment, which wasn't too much fun for me. But, I'm on the committee, so I'm required to go. Tonight is just lounging while Doug works late, which is a nice break, and tomorrow, we're going to the Pleasant Grove rodeo. Their fair is called, "Strawberry Days", and they sell the best strawberries in cream that I've ever tasted. I mainly want to go just for that. I'll remember to take lots of pictures on vacation!

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