Friday, July 06, 2007

It's a boy!

We found out this morning at our ultrasound appointment that we're having a boy! He wasn't cooperating at first, so the ultrasonographer tried moving him a bit by pushing on my stomach. All of a sudden, she's like, "Oh, there it is! You're having a boy!"

It's great to finally know the sex so we're not going back and forth all the time. We managed to break the tradition on my side of the family of having the grandchildren come girl, boy, girl, boy. This is the second boy in a row after 10 other grandchildren. My neighbor also tried some voodoo thing on me where it's supposed to tell you what you're having, and that said a girl, too.

Doug and I are home again sick today. We can't seem to shake being sick! We both got sick on Sunday from Mexico, and it hasn't left us yet. Hopefully soon, it's getting really annoying.

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The Bluths said...

You guys sick from the trip? Congrats on the boy! How exciting! We like ours :)