Monday, July 30, 2007


We finally got a decent offer on our house last Thursday night, only about 28 days after we put it up for sale. We counter offered for a little more, and asked that we close on September 1st instead of mid-September, and they accepted. We also threw our fridge into the deal so we didn't have to pay their closing costs, so we'll need to buy a new one of those. But it's SUCH a relief that it's sold, and we don't have to worry about two mortgages in the future.

We did a walk-through on our new house last Thursday, and there were a few things that they needed to fix still (i.e. the fireplace wasn't working, the mantle wasn't installed yet, some paint touch ups here and there, etc.) They were pushing us to close on July 31st (I know, TOMORROW), but we weren't quite ready, so we're asking to close on August 6th. In our contract, we had an addendum that said we didn't have to close until August 15th, so that should work out better for us. We'll close on the 6th, and move in the next weekend. It will be SUCH a relief when we're in the house and unpacked, there will be so much less to worry about. We can also start buying our big baby items, like a crib and car seat. We're not too excited about having to install a front AND back yard, but we can go one fall and winter with just dirt, right? We should be all set to start next spring.

I'm now 23 1/2 weeks along, and, according to my OB, have only gained 3 lbs. since my 8 week appointment! I am trying SO hard to gain more weight, and I know I've been eating like a heffer, so that's a little frustrating. I hope the baby stays healthy with me not gaining much weight. Also, I've started getting braxton hicks contractions. Fun stuff! They're not too bad, just a little uncomfortable, and I only get one or two a day (that I feel, anyway.) This little guy seems to get really active now, too! It's pretty cool to see and feel all of his movements. I felt him in the middle of the night last night, and he felt like he was trying to break free! I couldn't believe how much he was moving, it was pretty crazy.
Doug's birthday was Friday, we spent the afternoon at Gateway, just walking around down there for awhile. He picked out a golf shirt at Dick's Sporting Goods, and got a TON of golf stuff from his family (golf bag, golf balls, golf glove, golf coin, golf shoes, and club covers.) He's all set, except for some new clubs! He's recently gotten a lot more into golf, so this will be good for him. After Dick's Sporting Goods, we went to Happy Sumo for some edamame and sushi, yummy!

I was SO tired that night, so we rented The Queen (I thought it was kinda boring), and fell asleep at 8:30. Sorry about that one, Doug! Saturday, we had his family over for a barbeque.

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