Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Moving week

Well I won't get too much in this week on the blog. We closed on our house on Monday, and went and picked out a new fridge. We ended up getting a screaming deal on one at Lowe's since their floor model of this stainless steel one was the last one they had in stock. So not only was it like $400 off the original price, we also got 10% off because it was a floor model! They'll deliver that on Friday.
I went to the new place yesterday to vacuum. I got the first floor done when I realized I may as well wait until we're all moved in, since people will be walking all over in there while we move. We've rented a truck Thursday through Saturday, so hopefully we'll be in by the week's end. I also found out while I was there that 1. Half the buttons on the microwave don't work, and 2. They still hadn't added the lock to one of the bedroom windows. I told our sales agent, and she told me two solutions for those: 1. Call the 800 GE number, and 2. Submit a letter about the window. It's too bad we didn't catch those on the final walk-through, but at least she gave us some solutions.
Not much else is new around here, just busy changing our address on all our bills, and putting stuff like gas and electric in our name. My next OB appointment is Monday, where I get to do the diabetes test. Fun! Not looking forward to that. This little guy is kicking and moving as much as ever, but I still haven't felt any hiccups (that I know of.) I read that I should feel those by 25 weeks, so we should see by Friday.


The Bluths said...

You're already 6 months?! Time sure does fly.

Woodine said...

I didn't recognize that I was feeling hiccups for awhile. If you feel a rhythmic "kicking" that's probably hiccups.

Good luck with the move, I look forward to seeing pictures when you're all moved in!

Michelle Bingham said...

So, are you sick of being pregnant yet? you really aren't that big yet! I was big from the beginning, and so it didn't take long for me to say... "when IS this baby coming", I'm curious if you feel those aches and pains yet! I could feel my ribs being pushed out to make room for the baby! That was the most uncomfortable and painful thing for me! I agree with Woodine, I didn't realize they were hiccups for a long time... I thought she was just kicking every few seconds... on rythm. Talk to you soon!