Tuesday, September 25, 2007

31 Weeks + My Birthday!

Wow, 31 weeks? Can that be right? I'm finally in the homestretch! Hopefully not too much longer now! I called my OB last Thursday, and told her that I was still getting lightheaded and having shortness of breath some mornings. I even had to leave sacrament meeting halfway through for the second week in a row because I didn't feel well! She told me to go to the lab to get some blood drawn on Friday, and I would talk to her about the results from that during my appointment Monday (yesterday.) She said that my blood sugar was still low, about where it was when I was at the hospital. She asked me some questions about my diet, and seemed a little confused as to why it was so low. I was told to eat a lot of protein for breakfast, like bacon, sausage, and cheese. So basically, get ready to gain a lot of weight, too! I had an egg and two pieces of sausage for breakfast this morning, with a glass of milk. I felt okay for the most part this morning, but felt lightheaded again after lunch today (I had chicken alfredo at Olive Garden, my friend Melinda took me out.) This is getting ridiculous! I'm trying to do everything I'm told, but I still end up feeling ill. Hopefully this doesn't keep getting worse.
Doug and I went out to Noodles & Company with our friends, Ryan and Christy, on Friday night, and then we went to our house since they hadn't seen it yet. On Saturday morning, I got up and went to a relief society birthday breakfast. I'm glad I went so that I could meet some other people in the ward. It's kind of hard to meet people when I can't even stay for all of sacrament meeting. Doug spent the afternoon painting the nursery, and I love the color! We're not quite done yet, but I'll take pictures when it is. Then we got ready and went to Mikado, our favorite sushi place! His family also came, it was a lot of fun. I actually curled my hair that night, so I'm kinda mad I didn't take any pictures. Doug ordained Kade with the Melchizedek priesthood Sunday afternoon, and then we went to his parents house for some awesome roast beef and mashed potatoes. I haven't been able to get enough mashed potatoes and gravy during this pregnancy. Gwen also made me some chocolate cake with german chocolate frosting. Doug's car battery died while we were down there, so we had to get the battery replaced while we were down there, also.
No big birthday plans for me today (today is the actual day.) After I get off work, I need to clean my house since my mom will be here with my aunt Holly Thursday night. Babies R Us called us and said our car seat came in yesterday, so I want to go get that tonight, too. I know, I'm boring. Birthdays seem overrated after you hit 21.
Next time you're at the store, check out page 112 of the October issue of Fit Pregnancy. You'll see a picture of Eliza, my sister! I'm excited to see it, Eliza!

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The Bluths said...

Happy Birthday!
Too bad you have to eat like a pig, but this is the best time to do it! You've got the greatest excuse.