Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I had so much fun hanging out with my sisters and their families while they were out last week! Amy and Trevor got to our house Thursday night, just in time for baths for the kids. We woke up and got ready Friday morning, and Eliza arrived around 9 or 10. My house went from 2 to 12 people in less than 24 hours! They packed up their kids and went to the pool, only to find out that all the public pools in Salt Lake County and Utah County were closed to kids under 5, due to some bacteria that's been going around. Doug and I felt so bad for the kids, they were really looking forward to the Lehi pool! The girls took Cole and Olivia swimming later while the men and other kids went to Cabela's and back to our house for a nap.

Saturday morning, we all went to Farm Country, where it happened to be Pig 'N' Pork Day. The kids were able to decorate cookies to look like a pig, colored on some puzzles that they got to take home, and see little baby pigs. Afterwards, we went to Cafe Rio, then back to our house. Jon, Trevor, Doug, Cole, and Olivia went to the BYU football game Saturday afternoon while Gwen, Cassidy, and my sisters threw me a baby shower. I'm all stocked up on clothes and baby blankets, now that I've had that shower, and that my sisters have hooked me up with all the baby boy clothes they've accumulated! Gwen and Cass ordered us a crib, but it hadn't come yet. I'm excited to see what it looks like! It's supposed to be delivered to the house this week.
Sunday we went and saw my grandpa, and went to Temple Square. Monday morning, we said goodbye to Amy and her family, then went to Park City with Eliza and her family. It was ridiculously crazy at the outlet malls there! We also went to Olympic Park where Jon and Doug rode on a bobsled! They had skiers practicing for the winter season, where they were going off of jumps and landing in a pool. Pretty neat to watch!

Tuesday morning, Eliza, Jon, the kids and I packed up and headed to Colorado. I'm now here until the end of the week, staying with my parents and seeing a few old friends. You can see the rest of the pictures from this trip in My Pictures.


The Bluths said...

Sounds like a jam packed weekend! So you're in Colorado now? I'm 12 weeks today, over the hump!

The Bluths said...

Did you add pictures to this post?

Toni said...

Yes, I finally had a chance to download them to the computer. I also added the rest of the pictures from this trip in My Pictures.