Friday, October 12, 2007

34 Weeks

Doug and I had our 3rd anniversary on Tuesday. We had an amazing dinner at this place in Sandy called Carver's. We both had their steaks and shared a side of king crab legs. It was SO delicious! It's too bad crab is such a chore to eat, dumb shells. It was still worth it. Doug worked late Wednesday while I wrote out thank-you cards for my shower, and I took Thursday off (since I still have 3 paid days off before I quit.) We got our blinds installed that afternoon, which has been a nice change. We paid to have a guy come install them since there were 23 to install. Doug and I installed them ourselves in our last house, and it took what seemed like days. And we only had SEVEN windows to do!

No wonder I've been feeling those growing pains in my belly lately, right? Sheesh, even my maternity clothes are starting to be too small. Doug took thispicture for me after dinner tonight. We had rosemary chicken kabobs and baked potatoes.
I found out today that my replacement at work starts on Monday, and I'll be training her starting on Tuesday. It still hasn't sunk in that I won't be working at 1-800 CONTACTS for much longer. That place has been awesome, and I'll miss it. I know, I'll miss my baby more, though, if I don't quit. It hasn't sunk in too much that we'll have a baby around soon, either, even though this ginormous belly isn't getting any smaller. We're both really excited!
My allergies have been awful lately! My eyes still itch so bad, especially when I'm at home. I even use prescription eyedrops twice a day, and they don't seem to totally cure it. That's what I get for living in the mountains, I guess. Due to this website I heard about a couple years ago, I figured out that I have a really bad allergy to sagebrush. You can figure out the pollen you're allergic to by the local pollen count listed here. I'm really hoping that first freeze comes soon to put me out of my misery!


The Bluths said...

Are you sure you are even wearing a maternity shirt in this picture? Your nursery looks a bit like Logan's room, so good taste :)

Maria said...

Wow! That is so awesome! Cute nursery room and cute house!

Kakes said...

You are looking so dang adorable. You look like are one of those lucky people who grow just in their bellies. I will probably be someone who is pregnant in my hands, face, butt, etc. Ha, ha. :)