Tuesday, November 27, 2007

'Tis The Season

Wow, Thanksgiving was last week already! It's also hard to believe that Jack's due date is in the past now, too. Time sure does fly. We spent Thanksgiving with Doug's family on Thursday afternoon. Jack was taken from us within the first minute we walked through the door. Isn't he the popular one! He was passed around quite a bit, which made both Doug and I pretty nervous. Luckily, though, he slept through all of it, and is still healthy.
Jack was my celebration this Thanksgiving. After trying for just over two years for him, we finally have him in our arms. I feel so blessed to have him here and healthy, it brings tears to my eyes still. He's just the sweetest little boy, and is so precious to me. I thank my Heavenly Father every night for being so lucky. I also feel thankful for the opportunity I have to stay home with my baby and raise him. It was a little difficult at first knowing that I wouldn't be going back to work and seeing all my friends every day, but I wouldn't trade this for any job. Granted, it takes some inner strength sometimes to get up for those 3 AM feedings, but I wouldn't want anyone else to do it. Motherhood is a 24/7 job it turns out, but it's the best job in the world.
The rest of the weekend was pretty slow. Doug spent Friday afternoon with his family, and picked us out a nice Christmas tree. He came home that night and set it up for us. On Saturday, our friends, Matt and Christy, came over to watch the BYU/Utah football game. The first touchdown was in the 4th quarter by Utah (with a minute left), so Doug and Matt were excited. But then BYU ended up scoring a touchdown and winning the game. What a disappointment!
On Sunday, I ended up going to urgent care to get meds for a bladder infection. Woo hoo! Today, two of my old co-workers, Kalli and Alyssa, came to visit and see the house and baby. It was so much fun to see them and spend some time with "the girls." Also, Jack let me take a nap this afternoon. Thanks, baby!


The Bluths said...

I know how that is with a new baby, feeling a bit over-protective of him. I remember always having thoughts in my head of something bad happening to Logan. It will get easier to have others around him once he gets a little older.

Kakes said...

This is so sweet. Your little blip on how you are so thankful for your little boy almost brought tears to MY eyes!

Anonymous said...

Toni, what a fabulous mommy you are! I am SO happy for you too!! I know your little bundle of joy was an answer to so many prayers! BTW, I have to let you know how jealous I am that you look SO fantastic after only a few weeks! NOT FAIR! Call or IM me soon girly! Congrats again!

Kakes said...

You look fantastic!!

Michelle Bingham said...

He is so cute toni!!! I'm so glad your good at this type of thing. I am totally not!!! I called you tonight. Call me sometime when your not busy, which I am sure is never!! I know how you feel! Kenna is 9 months already! I can't believe it!

Justin and Heidi Nelson said...

it was so fun to see you guys. he is such a handsome little guy. Well i'm sure we'll see you around Christmas time!