Tuesday, December 04, 2007

First Bath in the Bathtub, Etc.

Jack's first bath in the bathtub was a little iffy. He didn't seem to know what to think of it. As long as we kept him warm, he seemed to do okay. He sure didn't like the breeze on his wet body when he was carried from the bath to the towel. What a sport, though! We have since learned to have his towel right next to the tub instead of out in the hall.
Here's our Christmas tree all set up in the front room. I just love Christmas! As you can see, we need a new tree skirt. I'm going to attempt to make one before next Christmas. For now, I'm just trying to get a stocking made for Jack, as it's a tradition in my family to make each other's stockings. I'll post pictures of that later.
Thanks to Doug's uncle Lloyd and aunt Jill for this cute fleece outfit! Jack stayed so warm in it, he didn't even need a blanket.

I was eating lunch today when Buddy started growling at something outside. I was originally thinking it was just this white cat that wanders in the field behind our house. When I got up to investigate, I saw this:
Five other deer followed it. Pretty neat!
My sister, Eliza, has reconstructive surgery tomorrow after her terrible ordeal of going through breast cancer. Pray for her! Feel free to check out her blog here.


Heidi said...

You have such an awesome view! Jack sure is cute. It was fun to see you at work yesterday! Good luck to Eliza! Thanks for your friendship

Ryan and Cecily said...

Your tree is beautiful Toni! Also, that is really neat about the deer! Not everyone gets to see deer right outside their back window! Jack is still looking absolutely adorable. I hope everything with Eliza went smoothly.