Thursday, May 31, 2007

15 Weeks

I'm 15 weeks now and still not showing much. Here's a picture of me from yesterday, as requested. The pants I was wearing in this picture had to remain unbuttoned. The capris I wore today are two sizes larger than my normal pant size, and they fit great. I only have two pairs of bottoms in this size, so hopefully I can transition quickly to maternity clothes.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirate weekend

My work had another film festival this weekend. Doug and I met our friends Matt and Christy at the theater, and we were able to see Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. If any of you haven't seen it, we HIGHLY recommend it. The ending is unlike any other, but totally fits the movie. Also, if you go, stay until after the credits, and you'll see another minute or two of the movie. If you're not in the pirate mood, this SNL pirate convention clip will get you there. Saturday, we relaxed in the morning, then went to Red Robin for lunch. Yum, I have been craving it for months! We also got my ring cleaned and rhodium plated, and did some shopping in the mall. I bought some shirts from the Down East kiosk for less than $15 each, that are actually cute t-shirts that fit me. Yeah, my other shirts are starting to not fit me. I'll get a picture up here soon, Ashley! We also stopped by the Toys 'R' Us store near the jeweler to see if they had the car seat we want, but they didn't have it. I think I wore myself out doing all that on Saturday, I came home lightheaded the rest of the night. It was a must to go grocery shopping that night too, so I had to hold onto Doug half the time.
Sunday we went to church, came home and ate, and played our Pirates DVD game afterwards. We ended the evening with shakes, and watched the Jazz game. What a joke, refs! If you've been watching, you'll see that they totally give the Spurs the upper hand. They never call anything on them, lame!
We thought yesterday would be relaxing, but a bunch of HOA stuff came up. We went and pulled weeds by the Pointe Meadows sign (the sign you see right when you enter the neighborhood), then got some bark to fill in around it.

While we were out doing that, we got lunch at Sonic, got a couple wedding presents at Target for friends and family, and washed the car. I was a little dizzy yesterday, too. I took it easy today by working from home since I didn't feel well this morning. Doug works until 9, so I'll be home by my lonesome until then. I wish I lived close to family so I could go hang out with them tonight and tomorrow night!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Congrats, Kade!

Kade's seminary graduation was this weekend, and his high school graduation was last night. Congratulations, Kade, way to go!

On Friday, we went out for sushi with our neighbors, Mike and Nicole. Don't worry Dr. Sloan, I stuck to only the fried sushi, as advised! Mmm, it was so good. Saturday, Doug and I got up and got some yarkwork done. As a member of the HOA board, I learned that if we don't want to increase our monthly fees, we need to maintain our own front yards this summer. Our yard required more bark, so we went and bought more of that. We also bought a storage container for our hose in the front yard, so its not just sprawled out all over the bark anymore. It looks a lot better! Then we went up to Salt Lake and met one of Doug's new co-workers, Sergio. He's so nice, and is from Venezuela. He took us to lunch for (none other) sushi. I was REALLY craving edamame, and the nice guys let me choose.
We had friends and family passes to the new IKEA store, so we got to go Saturday after lunch, before it opened to the public. It didn't open until today to the public. I was really proud of myself, I only spent $30. Then Doug and I came home and relaxed the rest of the day. Sunday was relaxing in the morning, then a church meeting at 11:45, then church at 1. We headed over for Kade's seminary graduation after dinner.
I'm still not feeling 100% better, what's the deal? And this is the last day of my first trimester. One of my sisters said she didn't start feeling great until 15 or 16 weeks, so maybe I'll be a few more. Come on! Also, I had at least five people (I counted) tell me that I'm not even showing yet. I have a really long torso, so I think the baby has quite enough room as it is to move around right now. It may be awhile still. That's all for now!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fun-filled weekend

Last week was SO busy! My grandpa's wife's funeral was last Wednesday morning. It was sad (obviously), but nice to see so many family members. My mom and sister, Amy, stayed the night at our house Wednesday night. We ate at Cafe Rio that night because Amy was craving it. Yummy! Thursday, we got up, got ready to leave, and left for Colorado. Thursday morning was wonderful because I finally had a taste of what it's like not to feel sick when I wake up. Friday, we woke up and caught up with my old college roommate and good friend, Tiffany, and her husband, Rhett, and their two kids. They stayed with us at my parent's house over the weekend. We ate lunch at McDonald's, then went to a place called Bounce where all the toddlers were able to get their energy out on those air-filled things that you can jump in.

Doug and I bought some Cold Stone ice cream for everyone afterwards. Olivia came home with us, and she and Taylor played with Barbie's for awhile. They also jumped on the trampoline, which Tiff said that Taylor had a blast on. On Saturday, the kids went to the park, and we relaxed in the afternoon. Mom made an awesome flank steak (which Doug grilled), then Tiffany, our husbands, and me went to the Centerra mall in Loveland and did some shopping.
Sunday morning was a big family brunch. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling well, and couldn't help too much with it. But the food made me feel a lot better, so thanks guys! The kids then played outside for a little while before everyone headed to church.

Doug and I left to head back to Utah shortly after. It was a LONG car ride home since it didn't really help me feel better. It was such a nice break! Be sure to check my pictures link to see the rest of my pictures.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Bad weather, Bad weekend

Whew, a lot has happened since my last post. Thursday night, Brady and Doug made dinner for Rachel and me, it was so good! They made BBQ chicken skewers wrapped in bacon, potatoes, and grilled shrimp. Yum! Then we got foot massages, and watched "The Office" and the Jazz game. On Friday, we ate at Village Inn before going to the film festival for work, Spider-Man 3. I forgot how many yummy pies Village Inn has! We just got dinner, not dessert, but I'm sure we'll go back soon for some pie. Our neighbors, Mike and Nicole, met us at the theater for the film festival, and we all went home afterwards. Saturday was a morning of resting in bed. It rained all day long, too! We stopped by our HOA party (which was rained out), and went grocery shopping. After we came home and had lunch, we went up to Park City in the sweet Range Rover, and did some shopping at their outlets. It snowed the whole time we were up there, but none of it stuck. We got Doug's mom a Mother's Day present at Mikasa, a new belt for Doug at Eddie Bauer, and Doug bought me a few things at Motherhood Maternity. We went up there in the first place to meet his best friend, Matt, and his wife Christy. They spent the weekend up there, and we met them for dinner. We ate at the pizza/noodle place on Main Street, and went back to their really nice hotel room and watched game 7 of the Jazz playoffs. The Jazz won, way to go!
On Sunday, I found out that my grandpa's wife, Jeanie, passed away that morning. I made arrangements to drive up and spend time with my mom (who had driven up the day before) and grandpa for the late afternoon and evening. Doug needed to go be with his family since we won't be here next week for Mother's Day, and since he needed to deliver his brother's graduation present that his mom had mailed to our house. Jeanie hadn't been eating much for awhile now, and it got to the point where they had Hospice coming every morning to take care of her. Her body started shutting down, and she passed away in her sleep Sunday morning. My sister, Amy, from California, will be flying here Wednesday morning with my dad (who was there on business), and we'll go to the funeral together. Doug will meet us up there. On a happier note, it will be fun to see Amy. She's never been to my house, so it will be fun to show her around. It was also great to see my mom and have some real home cooking. We'll be heading to her house Thursday afternoon to spend some time with my best friend from college, Tiffany, her husband, and her two kids. My mom won't be home until Saturday afternoon, and we leave Sunday around 11 or 12. So, I won't get to see very much of her, unfortunately.
I worked from home last week every day but Thursday, and I'm working from home again today. Dang it, I just don't feel well enough to get out of bed in the mornings! Hopefully this goes away soon. I'm at week 11, so chugging along. Doug's friend, Chris, and his wife, Leila, were pregnant about a week and a half ahead of Doug and me. They found out last week at their OB appointment that their baby stopped growing, and they couldn't find a heartbeat. Leila has to go in for surgery to have it removed this week. We're praying for you guys!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Congrats, Doug!

Here's Doug with his company car for the week, a 2007 Land Rover with all the sweet upgrades. He had to sign a waiver stating that he wouldn't go off-roading with it, so keep it clean, Nelson!

I also wanted to share this marinade recipe for salmon (I know I emailed it to most of you already). It was meant for top sirloins or new york steaks, but we thought it tasted really great with salmon.

Teriyaki Steak (Salmon) Marinade Recipe

1 cup hot water
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup soy sauce
2-3 garlics, pressed
1 tsp. black pepper
1 Tbs. toasted sesame seeds

Dissolve brown sugar in hot water. Add soy sauce, garlics, and pepper. To toast seeds, fry in dry pan until golden. Add to marinade when hot. Cool marinade. Pour over meat and marinade 4-24 hours. Barbecue steaks (salmon).

We used a salmon fillet that was a little over a pound. Doug said he's never had as good of salmon even in a restaurant. Let me know if you like it!