Monday, December 29, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Wow, I guess we've been pretty busy lately! I had a doctor appointment a week or two ago where we did the triple screen test (the one where they check for neurological defects and such.) That came back normal, so that was a relief. We got the news that Doug's biological dad passed away about a week ago, and we've been dealing with the loss of that. Doug took a couple days off of work, and a couple days later, it was Christmas! We spent Christmas with Doug's family this year, where we drove down to Payson to his grandpa's house Christmas Eve, then spent the night at his parent's house in Spanish Fork. Doug's grandpa has Santa come ever year for everyone to sit on his lap and say what they want. As you can see in the slideshow, Jack was more than happy to see Santa from a distance, but didn't want anything to do with him up close. We enjoyed a tasty meal, and I brought a homemade banana cream pie to add to the dessert pile. We then came back to Doug's parent's house and put Jack to bed, as he was exhausted. We watched a little TV, and then I hit the hay before 10:30. I know, lame pregnant woman.

We all had breakfast Christmas morning, then went down and opened presents. Jack seems to be happy with his loot, although, he didn't enjoy opening up his share. He was done with all that jazz about 15 minutes into it. Maybe he'll be more excited next year, right? We hung out with Doug's family the rest of the day, and spent the night again, where we woke up to a huge storm the day after Christmas! We made it home okay, but had snow drifts in our driveway that were 2 feet tall in some places! Luckily, we lived on that side of the street, because the wind blew some 3 and 4 feet snow drifts into the driveways across the street. Doug just plowed through them and into the garage. I'll admit, I was puckering.

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing, just hanging out together, and going to church on Sunday. That was such a nice way to end the week!

Plus, Jack started up with this on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to us!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hooray For Snow!

Jack was finally able to break in his snow stuff that he got for his birthday this past weekend! We got some snow, so we dressed him all up in his snow pants, boots, coat, mittens, and hat, and he could barely move in all the stuff! He looked like a little penguin. Doug took him to the park by our house where they have a very steep hill, so they could go sledding. I wasn't able to go because I attempted my mom's cinnamon rolls for the first time, and they took all day! I ruined the yeast at the very beginning, but they still turned out okay. Those are our gifts for neighbors (but not too many because they don't go very far once you put five or six on a plate!)

Doug said he could only take him down like three times before he was exhausted, and I don't blame him! But he said Jack had so much fun that he laughed. You can't see the park or hill from our house, so I only got pictures of them when they came back.

They came inside and I fixed them some hot chocolate. Jack totally drank his like it was a bottle, not stopping until it was gone. Yikes! That boy is a chocolate fiend already. We've gotten a lot more snow just over the past few days, and we're due to get more today, tomorrow, and Friday. It sounds like the whole country is in this arctic blast!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can't I Just Have a Normal Pregnancy?* Updated

So, I don't think I take the opportunity too often to complain on my blog... please correct me if I'm wrong. Today, I'm going to do just that. So if you don't feel like hearing me complain about my health problems, stop reading now.

I'm sure everyone remembers hearing about that lovely rash bestowed upon my stomach about a month ago. I woke up last Sunday morning, and the exact same rash was starting to appear. I called my OB on Monday, who told me to take Benadryl and Hydrocortisone cream for it. Um, yeah right! I'm not going to be loaded up on Benadryl all day while I'm watching a 13-month old. That's just not going to happen. Plus neither one of those things helped a darn the last time around. Of course, I kept this response to myself and just replied, "Okay." They also told me to call the dermatologist. So I called her, and she wanted me to come in so she could biopsy it. Eek! That sounds painful! I said, "Or..." And she said, "Or you can keep using that steroid cream and see if it goes away. But if it changes or gets worse, I'll need you to come in for a biopsy."

Sure enough, it got worse on Tuesday, where it started appearing on my arms between my elbows and shoulders. I called her and we scheduled the biopsy for today. When I asked what they do, her assistant replied, "Oh, we just numb you up and take some skin, a smaller amount than a pencil eraser, and then we give you a stitch or two. It's really not a big deal."

Let me stop you right there...

NOT A BIG DEAL?! We're talking about something that requires stitches! As someone who's never had stitches, I was a little devastated, but remained nonchalant the rest of the conversation. And then, of course, when Doug called a half hour later, I'm hysterical, telling him how scared I am for this "operation"! Yes, I know, it's probably not a big deal, but you can't expect a pregnant person to control her emotions, now can you? It's a good thing he's patient with me in those situations.

So here I am, still a little scared and nervous for the procedure today. The itching has come back in full force as of last night, which would probably explain why I'm so tired today. The biopsy is probably worth it so they can figure out what's going on... assuming they CAN figure out what's going on. We'll see what happens.

*Updated at 4:00 PM Wednesday: It turns out they didn't have to do the biopsy after all. YAY! My dermatologist thinks it just looks like an irritant on my skin, so I'm sticking with the cream, and trying a different laundry detergent. She also gave me a lotion to help with the itching. I hope something works!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Decorating For Christmas

I didn't have anywhere to put my nativity scene this year where it wouldn't be a danger to Jack, so I had to put it on the mantle. Thus, I wasn't able to use the creche because it was too big.

Here's one of the many pics taken for our Christmas cards...
Jack loves the tree!

And as you can see, this one isn't Christmas related. We went to Red Robin this past weekend where Jack experienced a chocolate shake with whipped cream. He was MAD when we cut him off.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Celebrity at Fashion Place Mall

So Doug and I went to the Fashion Place mall today, and he spotted Marcus from Last Comic Standing 2008. Did any of you watch that? Marcus was (obviously) from Utah, and we thought his impressions were awesome on the show! He didn't win, but he was fun to watch. Doug stopped to shake his hand and let him know that we watched and voted for him. Here's a clip from him on the show.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Doug and I spent Thanksgiving at my sister's house in California this year. We only got to see my parents Thursday and Friday, and then they left on Saturday, along with Doug. Jack and I stayed until Wednesday (yesterday) and had a great time! Actually, I was sick from Saturday until I left, so that was no fun for anyone! I felt so bad, like I was just a 4th kid for my sister to take care of, and Jack was a 5th. I was so grateful to have her help while I was sick, though. Thanks for everything, Amy! Here's a link to all the pictures from our trip, or below are some of my favorites.

Cole playing xbox

Brooke discovering an iPod

Jack and Cole in a Jeep

Marnie and Jack in their diapers before baths

Jack giving Marnie the Jack attack

Marnie, Brooke, and Jack

Jack's first time at Chuck E. Cheese. He loved Bob the Builder!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Recent Happenings

Doug and Toni at a Harmon's cooking class (Sushi 101)

Jack's first haircut

Puzzle and phone mania with Doug

Going through my bathroom drawers and cupboards

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Relief... Here at Last!

I think I forgot to mention that when I was at my OB office on Thursday, I was able to see our little fetus on an ultrasound machine! After my OB/GYN finished looking at my allergic reaction, he said he wanted to make sure everything was going okay with the baby. So he whipped out one of those little devices they use to listen to the heartbeat. After about a minute of not finding it, I said, "Uh oh, this is starting to make me nervous." He says, "Oh, don't be nervous. It's still so small, it's hard to find. But don't worry, I won't let you leave with any doubt in your mind about the baby." I was so impressed with this! He finally stopped the doo-hickey in one spot on my stomach, looks at me, and says, "You hear that?" I said, "No, but if you hear it, that's good enough for me!" He tried again, and I still couldn't hear anything, so he had his assistant bring in his ultrasound machine. It was so tiny, and I was able to see its little heart beating! How awesome!! And I was so impressed with him since that was my first time meeting him.
The dermatologist that I met with on Friday prescribed a topical steroid cream for me, and this one is finally working! My dumb rash is finally starting to disappear, slowly. I haven't needed ice once today, and didn't have to get up to get it at all last night. Now that the itchiness is subsiding, the morning sickness is getting much worse. But, at least my morning sickness wasn't as bad when I had that allergic reation. I'm grateful it's just one thing at a time so far!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Jack!

We had Jack's birthday party the day after Halloween, which was a day earlier than his actual birthday. With so much going on that morning, we really didn't get things going until 12:30, and the party was supposed to start at 12. Thanks so much to all my wonderful friends for helping me out! You really helped take a lot of stress off my shoulders. Can I just say that I have the best friends?

Jack's party theme was construction. To go along with that, we had a lunch that a construction worker might have. The lunch menu included chips, pasta salad, soda, and of course, the largest sub sandwiches around.

Don't worry, I saved a little for the other guests. But a pregnant woman's gotta eat, right? We also had a hard hat for the guests, and a little nail tool belt for Jack (which he didn't wear either for very long.) After lunch, we played a round of pin the tail on the donkey, where Kevin, Doug's dad, won the prize of a dart gun. We also had a game where you had to guess how many peanut M&M's were in a bowl. I counted out 650 the night before. Doug's dad won that game, too! But he was generous enough to give his loot to second place (Ryan and Cecily.) I hope you guys didn't eat all those in one sitting!

Jack wasn't totally into opening his presents yet, but I'm sure he'll enjoy it next year. Here he is opening a present from his grandma and grandpa Nelson. We've heard awesome things about this toy, and it looks like fun, but Jack is afraid of the noise it makes, so he goes running when you turn it on. What a funny kid!
Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to charge our camera battery before the party, so we didn't get a picture of him enjoying his big present from mommy and daddy, which is a little 4-wheeler that he can scoot along on (Christy, you'll have to send me your pics!) For now, he just enjoys pushing it around the tile and pushing the buttons.

So, about that birthday cake... I have NEVER seen nor heard of a 1-year old not just going at their cake! This kid was as neat as could be! Doug's mom did an awesome job with both cakes.

Here he is at first glance, just checking it out first.
And here's about 5 minutes into it...

He just kept licking the icing off, and eventually, those chocolate wheels. But that's about it! He even whined when he got too much on his hands. Happy birthday, Jack! We love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you.

Allergic reaction update: I saw my OB/GYN yesterday after being on steroids for 3 days to get rid of the rash, and it hasn't changed at all. I'm still numbing my stomach with ice every 2-3 hours at night. Awesome. He didn't know what else to do, so he did some lab work, and has set me up to go see a dermatologist today. Ugh, please help me! This itches like CRAZY!! And thanks again Melinda, for coming over the other night and bringing me food. Jack loved your fish faces, and having someone actually play with him!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First off, if you're subscribed to my blog, you'll need to re-subscribe. I changed subscriber providers because I heard some people were having trouble with that. You can enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the sidebar if you want to re-subscribe.

Last Halloween at 9:30 p.m., my water broke with Jack, so I guess this Halloween wasn't as action-packed. We took it easy most of the day, and went to our tri-ward "trunk or treat" at 6. Jack was a chicken, and Doug and I were both farmers.

We ran out of candy by 6:30, which I was surprised about because we brought a whole big bowl full. We weren't expecting there to be three wards there... we thought it was just our ward. So at 6:30, we just walked around and said hi to all our friends. It started sprinkling not too long after that, and Jack thought those raindrops were the funniest feeling on his face. Here he is with his head toward the sky, enjoying himself...

After the trunk-or-treat, we came home and handed out most of our last bag of candy. Oh, and our awesome neighbors stopped by in their pirate get-up. You guys looked awesome! I love Tyler's parrot.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Allergic Reaction

I know I owe a post for Halloween and Jack's birthday, but I'm down and out on the couch today, and don't feel like going upstairs to turn on the computer and upload the pictures. Sorry, those are going to have to wait a few days.

So, a week ago today, I had my first appointment at my new OB office. Since we have different insurance this time around, I had to switch OB's, which I wasn't too happy about. Anyway, at my appointment last week, I had to do the usual urine sample and blood work, and then just met with my OB's assistant to get my pregnancy history. So I don't even get to meet the guy until 12 weeks along! Anyway, they called me last Wednesday and told me that they found a staph infection in the urine culture, and that I had to take antibiotics (Keflex) for a week to make sure it went completely away.

On the morning of Jack's party (Saturday), which was day 4 of the medication, I woke up to a rash all over my abdomen. It didn't itch too much yet, but I could tell something was wrong. I talked to my mom after Jack's party, where she recommended I call the pharmicist to see if it's a reaction to the medication. Turns out, it's an allergic reaction, and if my throat starts closing up too, I'm to go straight to the ER for an IV of steroids. So I immediately stopped taking the medication, and my doctor told me to take 2 Benadryl every 6 hours, and put HydroCortisone cream on the rash.

Here I am 48 hours after the rash appeared, and it hasn't spread, but has sure filled in everywhere. Doug told me I just look like I have a sunburn. The last two nights, I haven't been able to sleep much because it itches SO bad! I laid awake last night between 9:30 and 12:30, trying so hard to sleep. Finally at 12:30, I went downstairs and got an ice bag and numbed my entire abdomen. After a half hour of numbing, I was FINALLY able to sleep off and on for 5 hours, numbing myself again every couple hours in between. Ugh, I don't think I've ever been so uncomfortable in my whole life! The only relief I have is lying on the couch with an ice pack. Doug has been so wonderful this weekend tending Jack and making me food. I don't know what I'd be doing without him!

I went back to the doctor again today to leave another sample. They have to see if the infection is gone all the way after only 4 days being on the medication. I also met with a nurse, asking her if there's ANYTHING they can give me for the itching, as it's unbearable at this point. Even a sleep aid at night would be a miracle, since Benadryl isn't quite doing the trick. Of course, she called me back after speaking with the doctor, and they gave me the news that there's nothing they can do for me. I just have to keep taking the Benadryl and HydroCortisone cream. Gee, thanks. So, having a touch of morning sickness, itching worse than I ever have, and being sedated on Benadryl sure makes a girl useless. Poor Jack, he's going to think I don't want to play with him anymore! If the rash doesn't start to clear up in 2-3 days, I have to go back to the doctor. Ugh, someday I'll have an easy pregnancy, right?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Murder Mystery Madness

This past weekend, Doug and I hosted our very first murder mystery dinner. We had so much fun! We invited all of our good friends to participate, and had a fun-filled evening. I even got to use my china for the very first time, and it was a hit! The murder mystery was seven rounds, and so we had seven different foods (one for each round.) with a menu that listed foods like "swamp water" (minestrone soup), "Witch's apple nectar" (apple cider), and "Road kill on a stick" (beef and vegetable kabobs.) Doug and I played cooks and waiter/waitress, and stayed plenty busy. But it was still so fun! I wish I would have taken a picture of all the decoration we did... we put caution tape all over the door, spiderwebs in the corners of the room, skulls as centerpieces along with "blood dripping" candles, candy in the shapes of body parts, etc. Thanks to everyone who participated and brought something. I think it turned out really successful.

Monday, October 27, 2008

These Things Are The Coolest* Revised

The lawn mower walker
(courtesy of Amber and Clayton. Thanks, guys!)
Flushing the toilet

The REAL lawn mower, SO loud!

The vacuum

Other mentionable "cool" things not pictured:

-Turning on mommy and daddy's tub

-The dustbuster

-The broom

Friday, October 17, 2008

Oops... I Did It Again

So, I'm 7 weeks along right now, and I took the test at 5 weeks. Doug wasn't home when I took the test, he was at a Utes game with his brother. I made him guess the secret the next morning by saying it was a surprise for our anniversary. It was hard to answer his clues without giving anything away. He was asking things like, "So, it's something you made? You didn't buy it?"

The morning sickness is here, and has only lasted all day, well... today. It must mean that it's upon me now. I think it went away with Jack about 14 weeks. My wonderful mother-in-law came over on Monday to help out with Jack (who has been sick), and I was able to take it easy. I think that really helped me feel better. She even brought me some Subway for dinner, which was SO nice because you know when you don't feel well, the last thing you want to do is cook. Thanks, Gwen! The hardest part of my last pregnancy came in the third trimester when I had cholestasis of pregnancy and hypoglycemia, so we'll see if either of those show their face again.

Since my insurance is different than my last pregnancy, I have to see a different OB this time around, which I'm kind of bummed about because I really liked my last female OB. My cousin used to work at Timpanogos Hospital, and she recommended me to a male OB in American Fork. My first appointment is on October 27th, but isn't with the doctor himself. I'll give another update when that gets closer.

Back to my usual obsession, here's a picture of what I found when trying to get Jack to sleep the other day when he was sick. How in the WORLD did his pants end up off?... Twice?
I feel so bad for him when he gets a cold because he can't breathe out of his nose at all. He usually takes a pacifier when falling asleep, so when he's sick, the pacifier makes it impossible for him to breathe, thus taking forever for him to get to sleep. I think he's finally starting to feel a little better, so that's good. Doug and I may get a decent night's sleep again sometime soon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We're pregnant with number two. Woo hoo!

First Snow

We woke up to the first snow of the season on Sunday! Jack had fun watching Doug shovel it off both the porch and the deck with our half-broken snow shovel. He loves watching what his daddy is doing. So cute!
We also had the chance to go to our friends Christy and Ryan's baby blessing. Congrats, guys! Jack was acting up so much that we had to leave right after the sacrament. We found out the next day that he was acting like that because he was getting sick. That's right... ANOTHER cold. I feel so bad for him because he can't breathe at all through his nose! Anyway, so we're back to those nights where we all get like minus 3 hours of sleep because the kiddo wakes up so much, not being able to breathe, hence having a hard time getting back to sleep.
Later that day, we decided to take advantage of the remaining snow in our front yard and pulled Jack around in it to see what he thought. We loaded on his winter coat, shoes, hat, and improvised the snow pants and gloves by using wind pants and socks. He absolutely LOVED it! I got on the sled with him and Doug pulled us around a few times, and he was laughing so hard! It was so funny. I can't wait to take him on a real snow hill.