Monday, January 28, 2008

Remembering President Hinckley

First off, I just want to say how sad Doug and I were last night when we heard the breaking news about the president and prophet of our church, Gordon B. Hinckley. They announced at 8 PM last night that he had passed away about an hour previous. I almost had tears in my eyes when I heard this. In Sunday school, we had a lesson including information about how many new temples we've had since he became president. The numbers are truly remarkable!

Number of temples prior to him becoming the prophet in 1995: 47
Number of temples standing today: 124
Number of temples announced or under construction: 12

When I attended BYU-Idaho, I had the opportunity to sit about eight rows away from him as he dedicated the Hinckley building there. He was such an inspiring man with great goals, and it's sad that he's gone now. On a happier note, his wife, Marjorie, passed away a few years ago, so he's now able to reunite with her.

On a lighter note, Doug and I were invited over to our new neighbor's house, Clayton and Amber's, on Friday night. They have an 18-month old boy named Tyler, and he's absolutely adorable! He's got blonde hair, and has so much energy! Amber's also pregnant with their second boy, and she's due in April. Some of our other neighbors, Nick and Tanya, were also there. Tanya's pregnant with their first, and her little girl should be born in March. I brought my camera, but of course, forgot to use it. We had spaghetti, and played Yahtzee afterwards. Doug had never played before, and got a Yahtzee his first game. Way to go, Doug! Also, a couple times last week, Doug would come home and I'd say, "I heard Jack give me a little giggle today!", and he'd be so sad he missed it. Well, while we were at Clayton and Amber's, I called Doug over while I was changing Jack's diaper because he was giggling at me. As soon as Doug came over and intervened, he was giving us full-on laughter! It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. We've tried catching it on camera a few times, but every time we get the camera out, his attention goes toward the camera, and he loses interest in us. I'm bound to sneak that camera in at some point so I can post it on here.

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