Monday, February 04, 2008

Baby Blessing Weekend

What a horrible weather weekend! On Friday afternoon, Jack and I drove to the airport to pick up my parents. It was SO great to have them here this weekend! Saturday morning was spent grocery shopping for the brunch on Sunday, and making cookies in the afternoon. The picture to the left shows what we woke up to on Sunday, a huge blizzard outside! Doug had to shovel the driveway when he got up, and we still barely made it through the neighborhood. As we turned onto the main road, we were all a little scared as the road wasn't plowed, and it was hard to see where the road was. I'm sorry for those of you who couldn't make it due to the weather, but thanks for still thinking of us!
Jack looked adorable in his little blessing outfit! We didn't get many pictures as the snow rushed us out the door earlier than anticipated. Only Doug's family and my parents made it to the brunch afterwards because only SUV's and trucks could make it up the hill. Doug's grandpa even got stuck in his car trying to make it up! We have so much leftover food, it's ridiculous. I almost feel pressured to eat it all before it goes bad.

I just had to take my parents back to airport. I hate having to say goodbye to them! I never know when I'll see them again. Darn you, Eliza! You're lucky you live so close to them. Jack fell asleep on the way out there, and was sleeping the whole way back! In fact, he woke up to eat about an hour after we got home, and slept again until half way through the afternoon. He hasn't been eating too well today, so I hope he's not getting sick! I'm sure he's just fine, and I'm just a paranoid mother.


Mike & Nicole said...

He has the most perfect skin/complexion! I am so sorry we missed the blessing. It sounds like it went well. You look fantastic by the way;)

Ryan and Cecily said...

What wonderful pictures! I wish we could have made it sooner! On our way home from your church, we did help a young kid get out of a snow bank he had driven into! That has to count for something, right!? Jack is just adorable. I'm so glad you had time to spend with your parents.

Kakes said...

Oh my gosh, and I thought WE got it bad with the snow. What terrible timing for your family! How sad. Well, you have just the most darling little family ever. I can't believe how long your hair has gotten. It is gorgeous!