Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bummer Blizzard

Wow, talk about a bad snow storm! It all started with a sore throat, true story:
Wednesday morning, Doug woke up with a sore throat. Since we're leaving for Island Park Friday morning, I told him he better go to the doctor that day. That way, if it was strep throat, he'd already have been on meds for 24 hours before coming in contact with the rest of his family. So, he made the appointment for 11:15. He calls me about noon and says it's not strep, but he has to wait for Walgreens to make his Rx before he can come home. I then get a call at 12:30 from Doug, saying they still don't have the faxed Rx from the doctor, so they didn't have his Rx ready. I told him to just come home, and I'd go out later to get his Rx for him. We were expected to get a big storm around noon, but then it was supposed to be gone, and I'd go then.
I call Walgreens' Rx hotline to see if his Rx is ready at 1:15... no dice. I call again at 2. Still not ready. I call the doctor's office at 2, they say they'll call Walgreens again and get it straightened out. I call Walgreens at 2:15... 2:45... 3:15... still not ready! WHAT?! So I push 0 to talk to the pharmacist, and I say, "How far behind are you guys?" "Oh, about 35 minutes," the guy says. I say, "You should have received a Rx from my doctor's office at noon, and it's still not ready!" He looks it up and says, "Oh, we're just finishing that one up." Good grief! So, I tell Doug I'm heading out to get it (he's been asleep since 1 or so at this point, along with Jack). I get in the car, and notice the wind is blowing really bad! It's snowing some too, but windy more than anything. I get to the bottom of the hill, and can barely see anything in front of me while driving through to the main road. Luckily, I made it to Walgreens safely.
I decide to head back home the way I came, with the wind still blowing out of control. I'm heading down a huge hill, when the car in front of me starts fish-tailing. I hit the brakes, but I'm just sliding. I decide it's safer to drive into the side of the road and stop instead of heading down the hill fast enough to run into the car in front of me. I hit the side, back up, and inch down the rest of the hill. Once back up at the top, I barely miss a car that is crossing right in front of me!
Once I'm on the highway again, things go from bad to worse. Everyone on the highway is barely inching along, and I could just barely see where I needed to make a left turn to head up the mountain back home. The wind was just blowing snow so badly that it was zero visibility. There's nobody to follow at this point, so I have to just hope and pray that I'm staying on the road. The only way I can tell where the road is are from the trees on either side of me. There are now one or two cars following me. I make it to the point where there are no more trees, and just road and field to head up the mountain. Um... yeah right! If I can't see 5 feet in front of me, and don't know where the road is, I'm not driving blind! There are about 5 cars parked around me, probably thinking the same thing as me. I'll just pull over and wait for the storm to die down.

It's 4:30 at this point, so it shouldn't be too much longer. Then, on the radio, they announce, "And we have a major storm warning in effect until 10 PM tonight. FABULOUS! At this point, I'm hysterical because I don't think I'll make it home, and I'm thinking I'll have to sleep in the car, etc. I waited there an hour, and it got even worse. Ice had now formed on the wipers, so they weren't wiping anything. Which meant all the snow that landed on the windshield was iced over. I couldn't see out of the windshield! Not only that, a one-foot snow drift had now formed around the car. Now police officers were coming to close the road I was on, and said I had to move my car. Um, are you kidding me?! I can't see, and where am I going to drive to? I climbed into the back and got our ice scraper, and went out to face the wind and scrape the windshield and windows. Luckily, a girl from our ward lives in the neighborhood behind where I was, and they were nice enough to meet me where I was and let me follow them to their house around 6 PM. I felt so dumb because I started crying on the phone with her when I asked them to come help me. They fed me dinner, and we kept the news on to see if conditions would improve. No luck. They had now closed the highway I was on (Alpine Highway), and there were even kids on school buses on the highway they were trying to get shuttled back to the school for the night. My neighborhood was closed, so I had to stay at Caroline's for the night. My first night away from Jack, how sad! Plus, Doug's sick and doesn't feel well, and he has to tend the baby by himself. Caroline is 9 months pregnant, so we were all praying she wasn't going to go into labor that night. I woke up this morning about 7, and safely made my way back to my house after the roads were plowed. Ugh, what a scary night, and all for some dang sore throat medication! I blame Walgreens.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you made it home okay and that you have such nice ward members. I hope that Doug feels better and that Jack wasn't too fussy for him. Have fun in Island Park. Drive safely!

Ryan and Cecily said...

Oh Toni! Your story is way worse than mine! I know what you mean about the visibility. There were times I could only see where the road was because there were headlights shining at me from oncoming cars every now and then, but you didn't even have that! I am so glad you had someone in the ward that was so nice to help you out. It sounds like it's REALLY time for a vacation now! I agree, blame Walgreens!!

Ryan and Cecily said...
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The Bluths said...

How scary! You should come visit me, we're having great weather right now.

Eliza Brock said...

Oh toni!! That is crazy talk baby! So sorry!

Rachel and Brady said...

That is crazy Toni! I heard a lot of stories here at work about people who never made it home that night, but I feel so bad that you were one of them! It took me an hour and a half to get home, but at least I made it there. I'm glad your little family was able to survive the crazy night without you :o)

Rachel and Brady said...
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