Friday, February 22, 2008

3-Month Pictures

My friend Christy and I get together almost every Thursday to hang out, as that's her day off. Jack didn't have a good nap on Wednesday because my neighbor, Amber and I, went to Babies R Us (to pick some things up for our neighbor's baby shower on Saturday) and the mall (to pick up Jack's 3-month baby pictures.)Jack did so well during his sitting that it made it really hard for me to pick out only a few of the photos they took, hence the seven different ones you see here. Anyway, since he didn't get a very good nap during all that running around, I figured I should probably stay home Thursday, and I invited Christy over to hang out with us. Christy is just finishing up her first trimester with their first, and I'm so excited for her! She's getting her practice in with Jack:I think she's doing pretty well so far! We had fun just hanging out, watching Friends episodes (always makes for a good time), and playing Blokus. Even though Grey's Anatomy hasn't had new episodes on Thursday's in forever, Christy still gives me a reason to look forward to Thursday's.

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