Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Island Park

Island Park was a hit! Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Kade, Doug and Jack. Jack looks twice as big in his snowsuit!

Awww, the fam! Don't worry, Jack has yet to experience his first snowmobile ride.

Cassidy and Jack. He sure liked her!

Click here to view the rest of our weekend pictures. We got there Friday afternoon and spent the weekend snowmobiling, watching movies, and playing games. Doug's parents, brothers, sister, and sister's husband were also there. Their cabin was over 5000 square feet, so we were really living it up! Unfortunately, Jack didn't sleep too well while we were there. That made it hard for mommy. Now that we're back home, he's gaining back his usual sleeping habits, which is nice. Jack's grandma Nelson sure enjoyed having him around, and was nice enough to offer to hold him while Doug and I ate our meals, went snowmobiling, showered, etc. Doug was sick the whole time we were there, and the day we went home was the worst. He was so stuffed up and had a bad sinus headache. I hope he gets over it soon! Doug enjoyed the snowmobiling the most, I think. They had little kid snowmobiles up there, which were so much fun for us grown-ups to ride on and around, whilst lifting our legs so they didn't drag on the ground. I was able to rest my feet on the little railings where they're supposed to go, but I'm sure I looked pretty funny squatting on those things! We played lots of games at night that Doug and I had never played before! We played Wackee Six, Pit, Scattegories, and a few others. Thanks again, Bryce and Cassidy, for inviting us!


Ryan and Cecily said...

What a nice break from life! It looks like the three of you had a blast. Snowmobiling is so much fun! Jack looks so cute in his little snow suit!!! : )

Ashley Dickman said...

I've been meaning to write back on your blog. My wife told me that you commented on ours. I was really glad to hear from you, that you are married, and all is going well! Your kid is cute! It's weird to think you are married. Reminds me of the good'ol college days! keep in touch!

Mike & Nicole said...

K, this might sound like dumb question but... where is Island Park? I've never heard of it!

Toni said...

It's in Idaho, about a half hour north of Rexburg. Pretty cold in those parts!