Monday, February 11, 2008

Milestones and Just Plain Cuteness

I hope you're not all sick about me going on and on about my new obsession: Jack. If you are, you should probably stop reading my blog.

So I went to put Jack down for a nap the other day because he was acting tired. I put him on his tummy, which wasn't recommended by our pediatrician, but he just sleeps SO much better that way, dang it! Anyway, I put him down, and this is what he's doing:
I can't believe he can already lift his head up like 90 degrees! Where does he LEARN this stuff? It just surprised me because I don't put him on his tummy much because he hates it.
Something Jack loves to do, we've found out, is watch TV. Lately when I've put him under his toy where the bear's nose lights up, he turns his head to watch TV instead. So I thought... ok, he isn't enjoying this toy, all he wants to do is watch TV. And I was trying to make myself some dinner, so I couldn't hold him on my lap. I wondered, could he sit on the couch by himself? (In my defense, I was cooking dinner right behind the couch, I wasn't just leaving him in a room by himself) Let's find out...

Sure enough, he didn't tip over once! And look at those eyes just glued to the television. We're going to have to break him of this habit before it's too late!

Last, but not least, this is just some of the cuteness I mentioned in the blog title. When I get up to feed him at 5 or 6 AM, and I'm walking down the dark hallway, I'll turn a light on to head down the stairs. He jerks his head up when the light comes on, and moves it from laying on its side to burying his face right into me. It's too bright too fast. I feel bad turning them on, but I have to see, you know? Also, Jack always needs a minute to wake up when we get him from his crib. Here's a quick snapshot Doug took of him trying to wake up with me the other day.

If you're thinking about having kids, I highly recommend a little boy. Look at that pudge!


Kakes said...

Hey Toni! Your little boy is darling. I love looking at your little boy. Keep all the stories and pics coming!! He has quite the cute little pouty lips doesn't he!? I wonder what your little boy's favorite TV show is... good thing the writer's strike is over, now we can all watch our favorite shows again!! Jack included! :)

Ryan and Cecily said...

I love hearing about Jack. Keep the pictures coming, and I love the stories too. I live vicariously through my friends with babies, so please keep it coming! haha. : )