Monday, March 10, 2008

4 Month Check-up

Jack had his 4-month check-up last Friday, and he seems to be doing pretty well! He was in the 97th percentile for height, and 80th percentile for weight. Big boy! We got the go-ahead from our awesome pediatrician to start him on some rice cereal. We've had a pretty busy weekend, so I think we'll try that tonight. It ought to be pretty entertaining!
My friend Kristine followed us home from the doctor's appointment and we visited for a couple hours. It was so much fun! She's like 38 weeks pregnant, so she's due any day. Good luck with your labor, Kristine! Doug enjoyed the Jazz game from the comfort of our home Friday night.
Saturday, we ran errands in the late morning and afternoon, including trying the new sushi place in American Fork. It was SO good! I haven't had sushi since Jack was born, so it was a meal that was well enjoyed. If any of you like sushi or want to try it, we're DEFINITELY your people to invite and go with you. Sushi is our favorite food; don't dog it 'til you try it.
We met Doug's family at Mi Ranchito for dinner that night. They all came over to our house afterwards so Gwen could record her parents with our video camera. They ended up leaving at 10 or a little after, so that made for a late evening. Doug still wanted to watch the Jazz game after everyone left, so he did that while I fed Jack and put the bumpers back on Jack's crib because he's rolling over now, and sticks his hands through the bars, and rolls up against them. It took like a half hour to get that sucker back on the crib! Anyway, I didn't make it to bed until like 11:30, which may as well have been 12:30 with daylight savings.
After church yesterday, I finally went through all the boy clothes I've accumulated up to the 3-6 months size, since that's what Jack has grown out of already. We bought some plastic storage bins at Target Saturday so I could organize and store them. What a relief to have that done! I guess I'm somewhat of a neat freak where I like everything to be well organized, and it's on my mind until it's done. I guess you could call organizing one of my simple pleasures! We ate at our friends Clayton and Amber's for dinner last night. She made a yummy chicken pot pie casserole and biscuits, and some peaches. We played Scene It? after dinner (well, tried to. Her super cute little boy, Tyler, liked to play with all the pieces and gameboard.) and I brought some peanut butter/chocolate treats for dessert. Let me know if you want the recipe, they're so good!
I know, life has been pretty uneventful this past week, hence the reason I haven't blogged since last Monday. For now, we're just trying to get Jack back into a schedule. Daylight savings threw him off by an hour, so maybe we can slowly transition him back. We'll see!


Ryan and Cecily said...

We love sushi too! The 4 of us should all go out one night (plus Jack of course!) and enjoy some. It sounds as though things are going pretty well!

Janaca said...

You're so good for organizing his clothes so well! I need to do something like that because I don't know what to do with all of Jordan's that he can't wear any more. If you don't mind me asking, how much were the bins there? Your little guy is growing up so quick! He's such a cutie.