Monday, March 03, 2008

More Laughs

I caught Jack in his crib the other day when he woke up, giving me some good laughs before it was time to eat.

He's a very smiley boy, as long as he's not tired. I also uploaded a longer video of him laughing in front of the mirror with Doug. Check it out here or from the "My Videos" link on the sidebar.

Also, we've reached another milestone: Jack has started rolling over! This is both exciting and frustrating. He can only roll from his tummy to his back. And since he sleeps best on his belly, it's frustrating because when we put him in his crib to sleep, we put him on his tummy. You can tell when he's rolled over because he'll go from crying to talking to himself. I then have to go in and put him back on his tummy. This makes for a longer timeframe of getting to sleep. Plus, he'll wake up in the middle of the night because he's rolled into the side of his crib, or will have scooted his head into a corner. What a goof! And... I'm back to getting up every two hours again to go move him. Good times!


Janaca said...

The joys of mobility! Just wait until he starts crawling and walking Toni, it gets funner and funner! It's amazing how much they learn in that first year isn't it?

Woodine said...

Ooohh, my little girl did the same thing, waking up on her back. Hang in there. Oh, and he is so, so cute! I love the laugh.