Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Janaca Tagged Me!

How To Play This Game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

1. Marrying my wonderful husband, Doug. I really don't tell him enough, but I appreciate him so much, and all that he does for our family.
2. Being a mom. I've always wanted to become a mother, and now that I am, it's the best gift I've ever received.
3. My family. I really wish I lived closer to them, I miss them every day! I'm so glad my mom is coming today to visit, yay!

1. Having to take Jack to the doctor for shots. So far, I've been lucky enough where Doug is able to come with me, so I can leave the room when it's time for shots. I just can't stand watching my baby in pain!
2. Speaking or singing in front of large groups of people (although, when it's singing, I start enjoying it after the first minute or so).
3. I'm a bit acrophobic, so I don't enjoy being in really high places or driving next to drop-offs (when we went to a Jazz game a year or so ago, and were in some of the highest seats, that scared me!). This is why I could never skydive.

1. Finish our front yard before the end of the summer.
2. Have a bigger food storage.
3. Get out of debt.

1. Like you, Janaca, I'm also obsessed with blogging. I think part of it helps keep me udpated on family and friends, and helps keep me connected to the outside world.
2. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with Jack. I just can't get enough of that kid!
3. I collect willow tree statues, and am very proud of the nativity set they have that I finally collected.

Random Surprising Facts
1. I've been looking into going back to school online for web design. I know, I'm such a nerd. Doug makes fun of me because I seem to be at the computer a lot (blogging and what not) and every time he catches me, he says, "Feeding the addiction!" But I think web design would be something I'd really enjoy.
2. I usually don't like fruity things, like ice cream, trifle, pies, etc. I'll take chocolate over those any day!
3. All I did to lose my baby weight were some crunches for a few weeks, and I still haven't picked up on the whole workout routine again yet.

OK, here's the dreaded tagged people! Eliza, Christy, Ashley, Cecily, and Nicole!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Shhh... Sleeping Baby

I couldn't decide which picture to post, so I just decided to post all of them. There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby... especially when it's your own.

On Friday, we ventured over to Boondocks and spent some money in the arcade. It was pretty fun, and Jack seemed to enjoy all the lights from the arcades.

Here's Doug claiming his prizes
We also stopped by the Suzuki ATV dealership where Doug was easily persuaded that today was the day to purchase that new 4-wheeler. Good thing his wife was there to lay the logic down!

Later that night, I caught Jack playing under his toy. I turned around, and he was all tangled in it. He even started turning sideways. How does he even do that? What a nut!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Snow? SERIOUSLY?! In spirit of the seriousness, and of Grey's Anatomy FINALLY returning to TV tonight, I also included this clip. And is it just me, or does the word "seriously" start to sound like a nonsense word after this clip?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of New Pics

I've taken some new pics over the last few days of none other than Jack. Here they are!

"Stick 'em up!" Jack always looks like he's holding his hands up in pictures of him on the ground. That's just how he keeps his hands, normally. I took this one on the day he learned to roll over from his back to his stomach. That was last Thursday, and now he does it almost instantly when I put him on his back. So, now he can roll from his stomach to his back, then back to his stomach, but only going to the right. I wonder when they learn how to roll the other way, too? I think this has helped him sleep better now, since he can roll onto his tummy when he wants to. Of course, there's also the con of him not staying where I put him anymore. He's my little roly-poly! I think this is a BIG sign of things to come, yikes!

Tired boy!

Messy cereal face

Doug was behind me in this picture, playing with Jack. I thought the faces he was making to Doug were SO cute, I had to hide the camera to take a picture. Otherwise, Jack just stares at the camera, mesmerized by it. He just LOVES playing with his daddy, and this picture totally shows it.

I took this one this morning before Doug headed off to work. We got this shirt this weekend for him to wear for his 6-month pictures coming up. We're going a little more casual with these ones, instead of the nice polo and khakis we did at his 3-month ones. Have you ever seen a more proud dad?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Girl's Night

Hooray for girl's nights! I invited a few of my old co-workers over for dinner last night, where we had a Cafe Rio-style dinner. Everyone brought a different ingredient, and it turned out SO good! This group of girls is so much fun! I miss working with them. Now that I have Jack, it's hard to go out in the evenings anymore because he goes to bed so early, which makes it hard to hang out with anyone after they get off work unless they come over to my house. Thanks for coming over, ladies! We just hung out after dinner and talked and laughed for awhile (who doesn't need that every once in awhile?), and had the delicious ice cream cake that Melinda brought. Good times!

Melinda, Kateka, Rachel, Ambree, and Heidi

Heidi made sure I was in a picture, too. Thanks, Heidi!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Landscaping and Hometown Craziness

The landscape designer came over again yesterday to show us the plans she made for our front yard and back yard. Doug and I are both really excited with what she came up with! Hopefully we'll be able to start on the front yard this weekend. Yesterday was beautiful, I think the news said it hit 81 degrees! But, it's supposed to be in the 40's and 50's for the next few days again, and it's super windy outside right now. Bummer! I guess we'll have to see... And we got a bid on how much it will be to have someone come and install big rocks behind our yard to use as a retaining wall, and then some on the inside of the back yard too, to create two levels back there. We kind of have to do that with the shape of our yard back there. That will be pretty pricey, but I think we'll be happy with it in the long run.
Are any of you following The Bachelor: London Calling right now? Well I was talking to my sister, Eliza, on the phone during the first episode, and she said there was a girl from our hometown on there. How crazy is that?! I grew up in Loveland, Colorado, and there's a girl named Noelle that's on the show from there. Neither of us know her, but how funny is that to see someone from a small(-ish) town that you're from on a reality show? What's even more crazy is that she's made it to the final four, and next Monday, the bachelor will be visiting each of their hometowns! It looks like she lived up the canyon of Loveland, and not in the neighborhoods. Don't worry, Loveland really isn't that country. So, if you happen to catch The Bachelor next Monday, you'll see my hometown on there. Crazy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Boring Update

We haven't had too many exciting things happen since my last post. Last weekend was general conference, so we were able to watch that from the comfort of our own home Saturday and Sunday. It sure was nice to watch it here since Jack slept off and on during the sessions. Inbetween sessions on Saturday, Doug and I went to a local nursery to look at plants that we like, since we have to do our front landscaping soon. Then we drove around other neighborhoods closeby to see the type of fencing they did in their backyards. We got some great ideas, and even knocked on someone's door to find out the type of wood they used, and who installed it. Doug went to the priesthood session on Saturday night, which left Jack and I home alone. It made me miss my mom and sisters so much! It seems that everyone else around here hangs out with their mom during the priesthood session, and I don't have that opportunity. Cassidy invited me to go hang out with her and her friends, but since it was right in the middle of Jack's bathtime, last feeding, and bedtime, that made it a little inpractical.
This week has been a blur. I've spent a lot of my spare time working on a blog book that I found online last week. I have been terrible at keeping a journal or scrapbook, but do pretty well at updating and posting pictures through the blog. This program lets you download their software for free, and uploads all your blog entries (including pictures) into this program, and you design it into a book. An instant journal/scrapbook once you have it looking the way you want! It's been so much fun, and I'll have something to remember the years by. I'll let you see the finished product once it's ordered.
Doug woke up at 12:30 on Wednesday night feeling super sick, and was up throwing up until about 1. He slept on the couch, and thought it may have been food poisoning. I had to ditch my friend Christy yesterday to take care of him. Jack and I got up and went to the grocery store at like 7 yesterday morning to buy sick food (apple juice, soup, etc.) Jack was awake for three hours straight because of that yesterday morning, so when we got home and after I fed him, he slept for three hours straight, until his next feeding! That doesn't happen very often! During that time, I was able to assemble most of his high chair, since he's getting to that point now. It works great! He looks so tiny in it.
Draper city is drilling out all of the cracked cement in front of our house and surrounding houses yesterday and today. In fact, they're right outside Jack's window right now, and he's trying to sleep! Let's hope it doesn't keep him up. They're required to replace the cement around here when it cracks, which should keep the neighborhood looking nice. Also, we have a lady coming to give us ideas on our landscaping. If we like her ideas, we can hire her to design it for us. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hair Makeover/Hair Donation

This was me this morning...

And here is what happened afterwards...

Isn't my friend Christy the coolest?

She cut and highlighted my hair today. It's still longer than I thought it would be after cutting off 10 inches! I'm going to donate it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. It's the only cancer hair donation place that I know of. When my sister, Eliza, lost her hair and was looking for wigs, she couldn't find any place that would donate to cancer patients. I had heard of "Locks of Love", but they only donate to alopecia patients. Lame! I'm glad I can help out a cancer patient now (even though I read that it takes 6 peoples' hair to make one wig). Pantene's Beautiful Lengths was started recently by Hilary Swank. I think her quote below pretty much sums up my own feelings about it:

"I was a little nervous because I haven't had short hair in a while. But then, when I thought about why I was donating and how my own hair was going to make a difference in another woman's life, it was a wonderful feeling. Besides, now I have a cute new hair style!"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hilarious Pup

Jack has discovered Buddy lately, and thinks the little furball is just hilarious! Check out the clip below or in My Videos.

We haven't been up to much here this week. We went to a home expo in Orem last Saturday, and got some cards from some people that could do our deck and back fence. One of them came yesterday to do a free estimate, and estimated like $8,500 for the deck if we do it with Trex, and almost $10,000 for the fence if we do it in ornamental iron! (the ornamental iron so we can keep the view in the back.) Um, are ya KIDDING? Doug and I are thinking about trying to do the deck ourselves (er... himself), so we'll see what happens. If any of you that read this live close and are deck experts, PLEASE let us know so we can capture your expertise. We're also preparing for Jack's second tooth coming in. His nights have been AWFUL, he wakes up on average of every hour, so I haven't been getting the best sleep. Poor guy! I'm going to buy some Infant's Advil today because the Infant's Tylenol doesn't seem to be doing the trick.