Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of New Pics

I've taken some new pics over the last few days of none other than Jack. Here they are!

"Stick 'em up!" Jack always looks like he's holding his hands up in pictures of him on the ground. That's just how he keeps his hands, normally. I took this one on the day he learned to roll over from his back to his stomach. That was last Thursday, and now he does it almost instantly when I put him on his back. So, now he can roll from his stomach to his back, then back to his stomach, but only going to the right. I wonder when they learn how to roll the other way, too? I think this has helped him sleep better now, since he can roll onto his tummy when he wants to. Of course, there's also the con of him not staying where I put him anymore. He's my little roly-poly! I think this is a BIG sign of things to come, yikes!

Tired boy!

Messy cereal face

Doug was behind me in this picture, playing with Jack. I thought the faces he was making to Doug were SO cute, I had to hide the camera to take a picture. Otherwise, Jack just stares at the camera, mesmerized by it. He just LOVES playing with his daddy, and this picture totally shows it.

I took this one this morning before Doug headed off to work. We got this shirt this weekend for him to wear for his 6-month pictures coming up. We're going a little more casual with these ones, instead of the nice polo and khakis we did at his 3-month ones. Have you ever seen a more proud dad?


Woodine said...

Toni - he is so cute!!! Rolling is fun - but suddenly you notice all of these things that they can get to that you hadn't thought of before!! Baby proofing begins! Enjoy it - each stage is fun (we're discovering)!!

Janaca said...

That is so funny that Jordan and Jack have the same outfit! It did come with a blue sweater vest, he just wasn't wearing it in the picture. Their moms must have good taste! I can't believe how big your baby is getting. They grow too fast!

Mike & Nicole said...

He is getting so big!!

Jer said...

Hey Toni,
I got your comment on my blog and thought I'd check yours out. What a cutie you have! And he even has the same birthday as me, so of course he's special. :)

It's fun to see how you're doing--you've got a great blog!