Saturday, May 24, 2008


On Thursday, we went to Cabela's as a family. Doug needed some new work boots while he works on the yard (which, by the way, he didn't get to start on until today due to the dumb rain!). I saw a really cute pair of cowgirl boots there that I may have to get later on. Jack experienced the fishes there, and seemed to be really entertained by them. He didn't make much noise, just stared intently.

We ate lunch there, which always turns out to be a disappointment. They should get some restaurants nearby Cabela's. Anyway, we spent an hour or two there, and ran into George Strait! He was kind enough to pose with both of us. What a guy!

P.S. I found my voice, finally! I found it midday on Wednesday, so the beginning of this week was pretty quiet for me. I still have a bad sinus headache, so thank heaven for Advil Cold & Sinus! If any of you have sinus headaches, this is the stuff to get! I got some of the store brand of this at Harmon's yesterday, and it was $10 less than the name brand! Sweet deal.

Pictures of the Munchkin

It sure is hard to be upset about Jack not sleeping when I go in to help him get back to sleep, and see this:

What a stinker!

Jack has started this new "trick" where he'll be on his tummy, and lift both his arms and legs off the floor:

Also, notice the top teeth in this picture? They're finally here!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Down and Out

So I'm sure you're wondering why I haven't called recently... okay, probably not. Well last Thursday, I started to have a sore throat. By Friday afternoon, I was having Doug check my throat because I thought I might have strep. Saturday, my sore throat turned into a bad cold, and by Sunday evening, my voice totally left me. Yesterday, I had no voice all day long, and it's still missing. Have you seen it? I'd really like it back! It's awful losing your voice. The night before last, I was up like every hour, coughing and walking around because my nostrils were clogged, and I couldn't breathe. Don't you hate that?! It was so bad that Doug opted to sleep in our guest room last night to get a decent night's sleep. Of course, last night, the only times I woke up were to tend to Jack. Poor Doug! Yesterday, the cold flu was accompanied by feeling achy all over, and I could barely pick up Jack. I had to call for reinforcements, so Doug's sister, Cassidy (pictured below with Jack from when we went to the cabin in February), came over and helped me out. She watched Jack for me, and even took care of me! What a great sister-in-law. Love you Cass, and thanks again!
On a happier note, one of our big investments have finally come through for us! This will definitely help us out financially, so that takes a huge burden off of our shoulders.
This weekend, we drove down to Orem to get our sprinkler plans fixed. Doug will start the trenching in our yard on Wednesday, and then will have the rest of the week to install sprinklers. Once that's done, our home builder gave us a certificate for 2000 square feet of sod when we moved in, so we can just have that delivered, and we'll have a lawn! I'm so excited for that, it will look so much better, and be so nice for all of us (especially Buddy, I think he misses it.) I'll be sure to post some pictures of the stud at work on the yard. The forecast calls for rain Wednesday through Sunday, so hopefully that doesn't ruin things for him!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you moms and soon-to-be moms had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday! I was very excited and honored to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mom. It was a long journey, and I finally have my dream job! At church, our ward has a tradition of gathering all the women in the cultural hall and serving them milk and cookies. The men took over their primary and young men/women classes so that all the ladies could attend. They had a brief talk about inspirational mothers, then the rest of the time was left to socialize with other women. Amber, I really missed you yesterday! I only met one new person, but I guess that's better than not meeting anyone. After church, we came home and watched the Jazz game. Doug has really been wanting a picture of Jack in his Derron Williams jersey (courtesy of Rachel and Brady, thanks guys!) I have to admit, he looked pretty spiffy in it. Here were a few of my favorites.

You can view the rest of them here or going to the "My Pictures" link on the sidebar.

He must have been the good luck charm, because the Jazz ended up winning in overtime! After the Jazz game, we headed over to Doug's uncle Dee's and aunt Denise's house for dinner. I really like his aunt Denise, she's always so nice to me. His grandparents, parents and siblings were also there. We hung out and had some yummy hamburgers before Jack insisted that it was time to go. I felt bad because he was asleep before we even left, and could have been down for the night if we were home! It wasn't even 7:00 though, so maybe it's good that he gets used to going to bed a little later. I feel like we can't do anything anymore at night!

Friday and Saturday were very busy at our house this weekend, too. Jack had his 6-month doctor appointment on Friday morning, where he received 3 shots. Even though Doug was also there, I thought I would try and stay in the room with Jack this time while he got them. I was able to stay in the room, but still ended up in tears before we left. I'm trying! Rachel and Brady, some of our friends, came over Friday night to help us root on the Jazz. Rachel is almost in her 3rd trimester, so I had fun talking pregnancy with her.

Saturday was his 6-month pictures, which he didn't sit as well for this time. He was happy for the first few, and then started getting tired toward the end. They were running a little behind, so if we would have been in at 2 like we had scheduled, he would have done better. Oh well, we still got a few cute ones! We also stopped by the new Harmon's on the way home, which is the new grocery store that's closest to our house now. It was amazing! They have things inside like a peanut butter station, where you can add things to your peanut butter like peanuts and almonds. I've never seen one before! We were most excited and amazed at the fact that they have their own sushi chef! The sushi was so cheap that we had to purchase a few. We got the eel roll and spicy tuna roll, and I must say, they were both much better than other sushi places we had tried, and were only like $5.50 per roll. That was our treat on Saturday night. Jack also had a treat Saturday night... his first solids besides rice! The doctor said it was okay to move onto other cereals and vegetables now, so he tried some sweet potatoes. Here's a clip of him eating those:

Congrats on the upgrade, Jack!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Blog

I started a new blog that reports all the bargains and budgets that I hear about. We're on a budget right now, so I figure someone else might be money-conscious besides us. If you hear of any great deals or ways to save money, please email me or leave a comment on my new blog. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mom's In Town!

My mom was here last week, which was so exciting! She arrived with my aunt Holly and cousins Katie and Camille on Wednesday afternoon. They're from the Boise area, and drove down and picked up my mom from the airport on the way. The first day they got here, we were already going 100 miles an hour! We went to the South Towne mall in the afternoon, then home for dinner. I made that Costa Vida chicken with the rice and dressing. It was so good! Then we drove to Orem to see my cousin Corrine. She had her baby that same day; a beautiful little girl named Addison. On Thursday, all the girls (except me) went to women's conference the first half of the day, then I met up with them to go to the University mall and Olive Garden. Yummy! I was able to attend women's conference with them on Friday while Doug watched Jack. It was hard to leave him all day, but was probably good for both of us. It was great because we got there early enough to sit on the floor seats of the Mariott center. Since we stayed there the whole time, we were able to be so close to President Monson when he was the last speaker of the day. How awesome!

My aunt treated us all to Chili's Friday night, which was also amazing. On Saturday, we drove up to the Park City outlets. They had some amazing deals up there! My mom of course spoiled me and got me some things. My favorite was a gray a-line skirt from Bass. Thanks so much for everything, mom!

My aunt and cousins then dropped my mom and me off while they packed up their stuff and decided to drive to Provo for the rest of the day and spend the night there. My mom, Jack and I went to Kohl's and the grocery store in the afternoon, and spent the rest of the evening at home with Doug. What a sport for letting all these extra women into our home last week. I hope he doesn't feel too neglected. I know Jack doesn't feel neglected. He was a hit the whole time! Even on Friday when we were at women's conference, he was able to get spoiled by his other grandma, and Doug's grandparents for a few hours while Doug was at his grandparent's house. He's such a happy boy, he's excited to be around anyone. He's such a loving spirit in our family!

I love it when my mom comes, and hate it when she goes! She always spoils us rotten, so that's great. Plus, it's so nice to talk to her in person about anything and everything. I don't know what I'd do without her! It wasn't as bad dropping her off at the airport this time because at least I know I'll see her again on June 4th when Jack and I fly out there for 10 days. Less than a month away, woo hoo!

(from left to right) Jack and me, aunt Holly, Camille, mom, and Katie

On another exciting note, my neighbor friend Amber had their baby boy on Sunday, and named him Mack. I'm so excited for them, and can't wait to see him tomorrow when they're home from the hospital! Now we'll have a Mack and a Jack when we get together. How funny!