Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you moms and soon-to-be moms had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday! I was very excited and honored to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mom. It was a long journey, and I finally have my dream job! At church, our ward has a tradition of gathering all the women in the cultural hall and serving them milk and cookies. The men took over their primary and young men/women classes so that all the ladies could attend. They had a brief talk about inspirational mothers, then the rest of the time was left to socialize with other women. Amber, I really missed you yesterday! I only met one new person, but I guess that's better than not meeting anyone. After church, we came home and watched the Jazz game. Doug has really been wanting a picture of Jack in his Derron Williams jersey (courtesy of Rachel and Brady, thanks guys!) I have to admit, he looked pretty spiffy in it. Here were a few of my favorites.

You can view the rest of them here or going to the "My Pictures" link on the sidebar.

He must have been the good luck charm, because the Jazz ended up winning in overtime! After the Jazz game, we headed over to Doug's uncle Dee's and aunt Denise's house for dinner. I really like his aunt Denise, she's always so nice to me. His grandparents, parents and siblings were also there. We hung out and had some yummy hamburgers before Jack insisted that it was time to go. I felt bad because he was asleep before we even left, and could have been down for the night if we were home! It wasn't even 7:00 though, so maybe it's good that he gets used to going to bed a little later. I feel like we can't do anything anymore at night!

Friday and Saturday were very busy at our house this weekend, too. Jack had his 6-month doctor appointment on Friday morning, where he received 3 shots. Even though Doug was also there, I thought I would try and stay in the room with Jack this time while he got them. I was able to stay in the room, but still ended up in tears before we left. I'm trying! Rachel and Brady, some of our friends, came over Friday night to help us root on the Jazz. Rachel is almost in her 3rd trimester, so I had fun talking pregnancy with her.

Saturday was his 6-month pictures, which he didn't sit as well for this time. He was happy for the first few, and then started getting tired toward the end. They were running a little behind, so if we would have been in at 2 like we had scheduled, he would have done better. Oh well, we still got a few cute ones! We also stopped by the new Harmon's on the way home, which is the new grocery store that's closest to our house now. It was amazing! They have things inside like a peanut butter station, where you can add things to your peanut butter like peanuts and almonds. I've never seen one before! We were most excited and amazed at the fact that they have their own sushi chef! The sushi was so cheap that we had to purchase a few. We got the eel roll and spicy tuna roll, and I must say, they were both much better than other sushi places we had tried, and were only like $5.50 per roll. That was our treat on Saturday night. Jack also had a treat Saturday night... his first solids besides rice! The doctor said it was okay to move onto other cereals and vegetables now, so he tried some sweet potatoes. Here's a clip of him eating those:

Congrats on the upgrade, Jack!


Rachel and Brady said...

That picture of Doug and Jack on the couch is so cute! I'm glad that little jersey worked out so well, he looks adorable in it!

Janaca said...

I love the first picture of Doug and Jack! So cute. You're guy is sure growing up fast! I hope your first mothers day was a good one!

Melinda said...

What an adorable little guy Jack is! I can't beleive how big he is, already eating solids! I can't wait to see you on Wednesday!

kalls&joel said...

Yay! I found the link to your blog!
That game was pretty intense huh! I about had a heart attack! Oh man, Jack looks so cute in his Jazz jersey! Here's the link to our blog. Well have to keep in touch!

Ryan and Cecily said...

Jack is so cute!!! I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day, and thanks for letting me come over!!