Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Front Yard... Check!

I feel like I have so much to catch up on when I don't blog for a whole week! Well... on Friday we went to Glover Nursery and spent our certificate for trees and shrubs, and just about finished off our front yard. That certificate was a big help! Toward the end, I had to take Jack back to the car and try to cool us off. It was so hot! I feel so bad because his arms got a little pink. I'm so sorry Jack! Here he is trying to drive while we wait for Doug:
Watch the road, Jack! And no Britney, I don't shave his head. His hair just hasn't come in very much yet.

We came home and planted just about everything. Finally, we have a yard and not just dirt! Here's what it looked like before we moved in last summer:

And here's what it looks like today:
Nice work, team Nelson! See those hanging planters? Only $9.99 at IKEA. Thanks, IKEA!
Doug and I were going to go to Winger's on Saturday night, but their power was out. They gave us a free wings appetizer for next time we go. Sweet! So we went to Olive Garden instead.
He was laughing until Doug took the picture, of course. We decided that this might be the last time we take Jack with us when going out to dinner for awhile. He always wants to be held when our food comes, so the "eating in shifts" routine is still in play. Luckily, I sat by a lady in our ward that is in the young women's on Sunday, and she gave me a nice list of good baby-sitters in the ward. What's the going rate for baby-sitters these days? Any ideas?

Also, we had to move Jack's crib mattress down because he finally started sitting up last week. Since we have to be able to lift the side of the crib up and down now, we had to remove the bumper. Now, things like this are starting to happen, which makes his falling asleep that much harder.
Oh well, hopefully those chunky legs will keep filling out so he won't fit through the bars soon. Jack still barely has his cold that he started in Colorado, and he thought it would be nice to share it with Doug on Saturday night. So Doug has been sick since Saturday, and has had such a sore throat. I hope he feels better soon!


Janaca said...

Your house is so gorgeous! I am totally jealous of that and your new yard. Someday...right? Hey I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you, so check out my latest post for details!

Ryan & Christy said...

Toni. . . I love the landscaping! Awesome job. Kudos to you and Doug and whoever else helped. And Jack just cracks me up. He has the cutest personality.

Ryan and Cecily said...

Those planters turned out perfect!! They look sooo nice Toni!! Nice work!

The Bluths said...

Grass in your front yard... what's that like? Logan used to get his legs stuck in his crib too. I felt so bad because I would have to pull really hard to get them out and his little leg would be all red afterwards.

Eliza Brock said...

Love your yard! congrats on having it done, yeah!!

Ashley Dickman said...

y'all's house is super cute! i have to tell you an awful story about kaden since i saw the picture of little jack with his leg between the bars... kaden would always sleep like that and when he was 15 months he woke up screaming and couldn't stand or walk and he had been walking since he was 10 months and i could not figure out the problem... after several doctors visits and test they came up with the fact that he either twisted his leg while sleeping or he tried to climp out and twisted and broke his leg so he was in a cast at 15 months old... we had to go and buy the netting to go around his crip so he couldn't do it anymore! So that is just a suggestion to you that might help from him doing that! not to freak you out or anything!

Christine said...

Your yard looks great! You guys did a really good job!