Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Trip to Colorado

Jack and I had so much fun in Colorado! He did awesome on his first plane ride, and was ready to be out of his car seat by the time we got to my parent's house. His grandma and grandpa Mondy had so much fun with him, and it was exciting for all of us to spend time with them so they could get to know him. Eliza's oldest girl, Olivia (a.k.a. Obo) immediately fell in love with him, and she entertained him every time we hung out. We often heard his belly laughs when she was around. She even said once, "I wish Jack was my brother." What a cute girl! Obo and the twins always fought for his attention, which was really cute. Jack loved all the kids around.

Eliza and I took our kids up to Estes (pronounced Ess-tis) Park one of the days we were there. It's a beautiful mountain town that has a bunch of tourist shops and other activities. The one we enjoyed most was the tram! Here's a quote from Eliza's blog about it:

"The tramway was an experience. It was fun but a little stressful. First off they take you up in these pretty small gondola like cars that have been there since they opened in 1955. It is a pretty steep climb up the cable and with the wind blowing through the cars it rocked back and forth. I was frightened, I am not going to lie. Plus Toni and I are both scared of heights. Not deathly afraid though. Acrophobia is the word Toni. We were trying to think of the actual "phobia" it was but neither of us could remember. So at the top of the mountain they have these trails to hike around on and then you can buy peanuts to feed the chipmunks. Of course the kids were totally into this. They are so tame from everyone being up there and feeding them."

Sorry for the stress, Eliza! There were a lot of drop-offs around the top, so it was stressful for us that the kids were close to those. Also, the Stanley Hotel in my slide show was the same hotel they filmed the new "The Shining" movie at, and parts of "Dumb and Dumber." It's a beautiful hotel!

I participated in Loveland's Relay for Life on Eliza's team, entitled "We Cancer-vive." I walked for an hour on the track while my mom watched Jack. All the luminarias really made me sad about how many lives cancer has affected, and made me so grateful that Eliza survived it. Olivia started asking me a ton of questions about cancer when she was walking on the track with me, and it was hard to know where to draw the line of what you should and shouldn't tell a 5-year old. Especially when she was asking questions like, "But why didn't the people that died from cancer get medicine so they could get better?" What a tough subject. She about made me cry when we were done talking about it. She said something like, "I wish that all the people in heaven that died of cancer could come back." What a sweetie!

My mom did a dinner for all my family that lives there, so I was able to see everyone at least once. Their kids are all getting so big! Jack got his first cold while we were there, so I didn't get many great nights of sleep. In fact, last night was the worst! He wouldn't sleep at ALL unless I was holding him. So, I'm sure he slept great last night, but I sure didn't. Isn't two weeks long enough for a cold? Come on!

I know, I'll be the first to admit it... I'm a nerd. I just love those huge 1000-piece puzzles, as long as they have lots of different colors in them. My parents and me completed three of them while I was there. The first one was really poopy because a lot of it seemed to be about the same color, which made it really tough. My dad and I went and picked out a couple new ones at Wal-Mart after the first one, and had a blast doing the other two the last two days I was there.

It was great seeing friends from high school. I met my friend Katie's husband at their wedding last September, but you know how weddings are. I was introduced to him, and then we had to move along through the line. I spent a couple hours with her husband, Chad, and her, and I had a great time! I was also able to do lunch with my friends Leigh and Allison. Allison told me that her father was recently diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. When he was first diagnosed, they said he only had three months or so. He's done some chemo, and now has more time than that (though they don't know how long for sure.) We had a "cancer" moment in the restaurant. Of course, right in the middle of it, our waitress came up to take our order. I love you Al! Katie's little sister also had a cancerous lump in her throat a couple years ago, but has survived. It's so ironic that cancer has touched all of our lives closely. That just goes to prove my point: Cancer sucks!

Seeing Doug at the airport on Saturday was so exciting! Jack wouldn't look at Doug, but enjoyed being held by him. I sure missed him while I was away. It's nice to be back home with him. He did so much landscaping while I was away! Here are a couple before and after pics of that:

Nice work, Nelson! I'll update before and after pics of the front yard next week after we've put some trees and shrubs there. We still haven't decided for sure what to do on the raised landing in the back yet. Good times!

On one final note, I heard last week that Kevin McCallum, the VP-turned CMO of 1-800 CONTACTS passed away. I remember from when I used to work there that he was an awesome story-teller, and was always super nice and respectful to everyone. I even presented ideas and quarterly presentations to him a few times. My thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Goodbye Kevin, you will be missed!


Kakes said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Your hub is quite the handy man with landscaping. :) Happy to have you back. We should play together soon.

The Bluths said...

You're a bit behind, I already read all about your trip on Eliza's blog :) Well at least her point of view. Sounded like fun!

Ryan & Christy said...

Man I wish I were in Colorado seeing family. We do need to get together soon and hang out. Ill call you probably later on today!

Steph said...

Colorado is the best, isn't it? I'm glad you got to spend so much time with your family. Your family is awesome!

Eliza Brock said...

We had fun with you guys too. Great job on the landscaping, Doug. That crap is for the birds, huh? So my vote would be to keep some area in your yard for a vegetable garden. I wish my yard had a good area for a garden. Love ya!

Eliza Brock said...

We had fun with you guys too. Great job on the landscaping, Doug. That crap is for the birds, huh? So my vote would be to keep some area in your yard for a vegetable garden. I wish my yard had a good area for a garden. Love ya!

Clayton & Amber said...

I loved the pics of Colorado. Jack has the best smile. It sounds like it was a full packed trip. I'm glad you and Jack got to go home! We're glad you're back though...thanks for the walk this morning. It's nice to have a walking buddy!