Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blog Book Here!

I think I said I'd post pictures of the book I made from my blog. This website called Blurb is really awesome! You can pick different text and picture layouts throughout your book, and can even add text and pictures to the book that weren't originally in your blog). Anyway, since I'm awful at keeping a journal, haven't scrapbooked since before we got married, and am always blogging about our life anyway, this was a great way to combine the two into one, and have permanent memories and printouts of our memories. I absolutely love it!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Doug's 30th Birthday Weekend

Doug's good friend Chris, from Michigan, came over on Friday with his wife Leila, and their new 6-week old Sienna. This girl already has so much thick black hair, it's crazy! What a cutie. The boys went golfing while Leila and I took the kids to the mall and did some shopping, then met the boys at Olive Garden for lunch. Then we came back here and hung out for a couple hours before Doug took them back to Chris's uncle's house. It was great to see you guys, and that's a cute baby you have on your hands!
Saturday was Doug's 30th birthday barbecue, which was a success! A lot of people commented on the food, so I guess that's good. Thanks to everyone that helped out with that! Doug's big present was an xbox 360 with the game Rock Band. We bought Rock Band, and then ordered the xbox off of ebay. The guy we ordered it from didn't ship it when he said he was going to, so we didn't think it would get here in time. Luckily though, it showed up at noon, right during his party, so we were able to break it out and play it while everyone was there. It's been fun so far! Now Doug has something he likes to do while I finish up these Twilight books (I'm almost done with the second book!)

My sister Amy and her family got to our house about 4 or 4:30 from Colorado, and stayed the night with us again. After the kids went to bed, we played Rock Band with them for a couple hours. Doug and Trevor were still playing it when Amy and I went to bed. They got up and left the next morning to head back to California. It was great seeing you guys!
Yesterday was FINALLY a relaxing day, without having to worry about if the house was clean or not. Doug even let me have a nap while he watched Jack, even though it was his real birthday yesterday. Happy birthday Doug-e, love you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Shower Baby Shower

No, I didn't stutter with the title. Two of my good friends, Christy and Rachel, are both due to have a baby within a week of each other. I threw a shower for Christy last Thursday, and Kateka and I threw a shower for Rachel on Tuesday. And they're both having girls; how funny is that? Jack will have quite a selection! It's just been one big party at my house! Poor Doug was stuck upstairs both times, but he was such a good sport. They both turned out very well, and were tons of fun! We played the same two games at both: One was a nursery rhyme game where everyone was given a sheet of nursery rhymes with certain lines in them missing, so they had to fill in the blank. It was so funny how the older people at both showers seemed to know the most. The second game we played was called "Name That Baby Tune Artist." We listened to 17 songs that all had the word "baby" in them, and they had to guess the artist. We changed it up a little at Rachel's shower, where they had to name the song title, too, for an additional point. It was funny how puzzled some people got trying to remember the song artist. I hope you guys had a good time!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Eating Out

Our good friends, Amber and Clayton, are putting in their sprinkling system at the moment. Doug so graciously offered a lot of his free time this weekend helping Clayton get set up for that (since he used to work at Sprinkler World and is a genius with sprinklers). He's so great when it comes to helping neighbors outside when he sees them working. Clayton and Amber wanted to thank us for "giving up our weekend" (their words, not ours) to help them out, so they took us out to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday night. They're some of the nicest people we've ever met. Thanks again for dinner, guys! And no, we're still not sick of you.

Jack eating, er... sucking on some of their delicious rolls

Our great friends Clayton and Amber, and their older son, Ty (Mack was in his car seat at the time)

The boys were really intently watching the line dancing going on, it was pretty funny watching their faces! Ty just froze in that position as he was watching them. He's so stinkin' cute!

On Sunday, we took a drive up Springville canyon where Doug's family was. Gwen made some delicious food, and we hung out and talked for a couple hours. Plus, Doug and Jack got to sport their new shoes we bought before dinner on Saturday. Jack finally needs a pair since he likes to walk around while holding onto your hands. Plus they were half off with Doug's pair, and who doesn't like half off? It's kind of funny to see them on him though, because his legs are so big that he doesn't have ankles.

On a sad note, my aunt passed away last week from a horrible degenerative disease (I can't remember the name of it right now). Her funeral was today in Colorado Springs, so I wasn't able to attend. My uncle passed away over a decade ago, so it's good that they can be reunited now. To my two cousins they left behind: I love you guys, and am thinking of you!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Is this kid ever NOT happy?

He was so content just watching TV with his daddy for a little while the other day after swimming. It was pretty cute because you could tell how tired he was because of the ear tugging. He plays with his ears when he's ready to go to sleep.

And here's his first encounter with a balloon. Talk about amazement!

Amy's First Visit

My sister, Amy, and her family spent the night at our house last Saturday on their way to Colorado from California. They didn't arrive at our house until about 6:30, and had to leave the next morning to get to Colorado. Of course, even though they were here for such a short time, her very cautious little boy, Cole, managed to get stitches. Cole is always so well-behaved that it surprised me that he was the one that ended up getting hurt. They walked over to the park near our house after dinner, and it sounded like he tripped on something, and hit his eye on the metal park bench. Poor kid! Amy was right: he was lucky he didn't puncture his eyeball, and all he needed were some stitches. They came back to our house where Doug rushed Cole and his dad, Trevor, to the nearest urgent care. Here's the damage:
He was such a tough kid! He's a funny kid, too. Amy and I were working on putting that band-aid on his eye and he walked away and said, "I was so good in the car all day, and THIS is what I get?" We started laughing.

Amy was also able to get some good laughs out of Jack while she was here. I think he likes her!

Here are a few pics of her kids:

Marnie and Brooke

Marnie kind of liked Buddy... can you tell? And Jack enjoyed watching all the kids run around.

Here's Cole thinking he can hide from me while I snap his picture.

They'll stay the night again next Saturday night on their way back home. We're excited to see them already!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swimming with Janaca and Jordan

My friend Janaca and I took our boys to the Lehi swimming pool on Thursday, and our boys had so much fun! They didn't open until 1 PM (which was kind of a bummer because then both boys were there during their nap times), and were total nazi's about having not only a swim diaper, but a plastic diaper over the top. I can't say I blame them though, since last year, RIGHT when my sisters and all their kids were out visiting, is when they had to shut down all the public pools due to that disease that was going around from poop in the pools. We were asked twice before we even paid to see the gear we had for the kids, then a lifeguard checked again while we were in the pool because he couldn't see the plastic diaper. And poor Jack, when we were done swimming and I took off his suit, he had a purple line on his leg from his swimsuit over the top of the diaper and plastic diaper, because it must have been so tight! Poor baby! I guess it's time to retire that suit, and stick with the bigger one that will fit comfortable over the top. I know, after all the blogs I've entered about my son hurting himself or getting stuck, you can now safely say that I'm a horrible mother.

Jordan is almost two, and he loved the toddler slides! He kept getting back in line for those, which was so cute! They had some little bouncers for babies that Jack enjoyed for awhile, until I took him out to go move around their "lazy river" type area. It was just a big circle where they had the water always flowing around and around. He seemed to really enjoy himself! We stayed for about a half hour until Jack started getting really tired, and just wanted to lay down and close his eyes. I love the Legacy Center pool, it was a blast! Thanks, Janaca!

Notice the ear-tugging: a clear cut sign that he's tired.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

'Round, 'Round, Get Around

We've finally reached the days where Jack no longer wants to be held, and wants to travel everywhere on his own! It's amazing how quickly they pick these things up, and how fast they learn.

Crawling Day 1

Crawling Day 2

Crawling Day 3

Monday, July 07, 2008

Getting Stuck and Getting Wet

Jack continues to get stuck in his crib when I put him in there to go to sleep. What a little stinker! I didn't check on him this one time last week after he fell asleep. A half hour later, I went in to check on him, and he was sleeping like this!
Of course, as soon as I ran to grab the camera, he was waking up. He got stuck big time on the night of the 4th! Doug and I have started to just let him cry himself to sleep all the time, and it's been hard. So, on the 4th, we had to listen to him cry for like 45 minutes, and it was real sobbing, I tell ya! So after he finally falls asleep, I go upstairs, and not only had he spit up onto the floor, he had both legs AND an arm stuck in the side. I felt like the worst mother ever! He was probably crying so hard because he was trying to tell me to come help him, and I never did. I tried prying his legs out, and he cried a little, but I just turned him onto his tummy, and he went right back to sleep.
Our 4th was pretty fun! Doug and I ran some errands in the morning, then messed around in the new kiddie pool we bought in the afternoon. My aunt Nancy and uncle Ray, whom I hadn't seen in years, drove up on her way from California to Colorado, and stayed the night with us. They brought their dog, Maddie, and she and Buddy had a wonderful time. Maddie kept trying to provoke Buddy to chase her by playing with and chewing on Buddy's toys. We barbecued some hamburgers and yummy chicken that Doug had marinated, and watched all the different fireworks from our deck. It was amazing seeing 9 or 10 different shows at once, but they were all so small because it was so far away. I think Buddy enjoyed it since there were no loud booms anywhere near us.

Here are a few pics of Jack and I in the pool while my friend Amber came over with her two cuties (I hope we don't blind you). Amber stayed in the shade with her baby, Mack.

He was really into trying to grab this weed.

This is her little boy, Tyler, when she told him to give her his BEST smile. Isn't that funny?

And here are a few of Jack and his dad in the pool. What cute boys; I'm so proud to say they're mine! What hot smiles. Ladies, watch out: double babe alert!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bargain Alert

For all those preggers and mom's out there, this is just a note to you that The Children's Place is having one of their $7.99 monster sales right now. I just got 4 things for Jack for under $20. My sisters always stock up on clothes for the next season when they have these sales, which is such a good idea. Hooray for good deals!