Friday, July 18, 2008

Amy's First Visit

My sister, Amy, and her family spent the night at our house last Saturday on their way to Colorado from California. They didn't arrive at our house until about 6:30, and had to leave the next morning to get to Colorado. Of course, even though they were here for such a short time, her very cautious little boy, Cole, managed to get stitches. Cole is always so well-behaved that it surprised me that he was the one that ended up getting hurt. They walked over to the park near our house after dinner, and it sounded like he tripped on something, and hit his eye on the metal park bench. Poor kid! Amy was right: he was lucky he didn't puncture his eyeball, and all he needed were some stitches. They came back to our house where Doug rushed Cole and his dad, Trevor, to the nearest urgent care. Here's the damage:
He was such a tough kid! He's a funny kid, too. Amy and I were working on putting that band-aid on his eye and he walked away and said, "I was so good in the car all day, and THIS is what I get?" We started laughing.

Amy was also able to get some good laughs out of Jack while she was here. I think he likes her!

Here are a few pics of her kids:

Marnie and Brooke

Marnie kind of liked Buddy... can you tell? And Jack enjoyed watching all the kids run around.

Here's Cole thinking he can hide from me while I snap his picture.

They'll stay the night again next Saturday night on their way back home. We're excited to see them already!


Rachel and Brady said...

Haha, your nephew is funny! Poor kid, I'm glad he was ok.

Kakes said...

I love the video of Jack laughing. You can't not smile watching it.

Eliza Brock said...

I love that laugh!

Eliza Brock said...

I love that laugh!