Monday, July 07, 2008

Getting Stuck and Getting Wet

Jack continues to get stuck in his crib when I put him in there to go to sleep. What a little stinker! I didn't check on him this one time last week after he fell asleep. A half hour later, I went in to check on him, and he was sleeping like this!
Of course, as soon as I ran to grab the camera, he was waking up. He got stuck big time on the night of the 4th! Doug and I have started to just let him cry himself to sleep all the time, and it's been hard. So, on the 4th, we had to listen to him cry for like 45 minutes, and it was real sobbing, I tell ya! So after he finally falls asleep, I go upstairs, and not only had he spit up onto the floor, he had both legs AND an arm stuck in the side. I felt like the worst mother ever! He was probably crying so hard because he was trying to tell me to come help him, and I never did. I tried prying his legs out, and he cried a little, but I just turned him onto his tummy, and he went right back to sleep.
Our 4th was pretty fun! Doug and I ran some errands in the morning, then messed around in the new kiddie pool we bought in the afternoon. My aunt Nancy and uncle Ray, whom I hadn't seen in years, drove up on her way from California to Colorado, and stayed the night with us. They brought their dog, Maddie, and she and Buddy had a wonderful time. Maddie kept trying to provoke Buddy to chase her by playing with and chewing on Buddy's toys. We barbecued some hamburgers and yummy chicken that Doug had marinated, and watched all the different fireworks from our deck. It was amazing seeing 9 or 10 different shows at once, but they were all so small because it was so far away. I think Buddy enjoyed it since there were no loud booms anywhere near us.

Here are a few pics of Jack and I in the pool while my friend Amber came over with her two cuties (I hope we don't blind you). Amber stayed in the shade with her baby, Mack.

He was really into trying to grab this weed.

This is her little boy, Tyler, when she told him to give her his BEST smile. Isn't that funny?

And here are a few of Jack and his dad in the pool. What cute boys; I'm so proud to say they're mine! What hot smiles. Ladies, watch out: double babe alert!


Ryan and Cecily said...

How fun! That's so cool that you could see so many firework shows just from your backyard!

That's funny that Jack was trying to grab the plant because of his reaction to plants at the store the other day!

Janaca said...

That is so sad about Jack getting stuck! Don't you hate things like that? As a mom that just breaks my heart. It looks like Jack likes the water! Those last 2 pictures are adorable. :) I'm excited to go swimming Thursday since today didn't work out so well!

Eliza Brock said...

glad to hear you had a good fourth weekend. i love you and miss you guys, as always! are an awesome mom!

Christine said...

Really, Jack is the cutest little guy! He is always smiling. You guys missed out on the neighborhood BBQ!

Christine said...

PS That is so funny he falls alseep like that. Don't feel too guilty-all moms have done something like that before.

Woodine said...

Toni- he is just so, so cute!! I love seeing all of the pictures. That's so exciting (from the next post) that he is crawling too!

We also had problems with our little girl getting stuck in her crib. We got these breathable crib bumpers and it made a huge difference on how well she slept. Her arms, legs, and pacifier stayed in and I never had to worry about breathing issues. Good luck!