Monday, August 25, 2008

Isn't It Ironic?

So, I heard on the news this morning that Colorado had like 14 tornadoes over the weekend, which is normally uncommon for them!

I called my mom to see if they were okay, since last time I didn't even hear that they had one, she was calling me and giving me crap, saying, "Well I just thought I'd let you know that we were okay, in case you cared." (my family is VERY sarcastic, I love it!) After I got off the phone with her, Doug and I had this conversation:

Doug: "See, that's why we can't live in Colorado. It's so dangerous!"

Toni: "Oh, like Utah is so safe? We've had so many wildfires this year!"

Doug: "We haven't had too many, like when?"

Toni: "We could see one from our house the last time my parents came to visit!"

Doug: "Yeah, well, you know where wildfires happen?" (trying to imply that we were safe from them, I'm assuming)

Toni: "Um, yeah. In THE MOUNTAINS, like where we live!"

Doug: "We'll be okay."

Later that same day...

I got this picture from our local newscast website. This picture was taken up in Suncrest, the area I live in. But we live behind where this person is taking the picture... luckily.

Here's a view of it from our house. So far... zero percent contained!

Quote from the movie Tremors: "I don't care what it's doing, as long as it's doing it WAY over there!"


mis·chief (not what I thought it meant)
1. conduct or activity that playfully causes petty annoyance.
2. a tendency or disposition to tease, vex, or annoy.
3. a vexatious or annoying action.

4. harm or trouble, esp. as a result of an agent or cause.
5. an injury or evil caused by a person or other agent or cause.

6. a cause or source of harm, evil, or annoyance.
7. the devil.

Okay, obviously, he's not the devil. Jack has just been finding trouble everywhere lately! We bought some of those baby-proof cabinet things last week, and found out that we have to screw them to our cabinets. We hate to ruin them that way, but at least Jack will be safe. We had a heck of a time getting the first one on, and we were even off a little bit! So every time we want to open that cupboard, we have to push the baby-proof tab in while shutting it.

On Saturday, we invited Doug's parents to go with us to a rib cook-off they had downtown in Salt Lake. I must admit, I was a little disappointed with it. In the ad on TV, it said it was just $5 to enter. It didn't say that once you entered, you had to purchase the food from each vendor. Lame! It was super hot too, so we didn't end up staying for very long.

Doug's youngest brother, Kolton got home this weekend after being in Oregon all summer selling satellite TV. He told us how he got dropped off to go door-knocking, and said, "Yeah, I was supposed to go sell, but then I'd find shaded trees that looked so much more appealing, and I'd just lay down and take a nap." He's so funny! He couldn't believe how big Jack got while he was away, and Jack took to him right away. Look how much he was posing for the camera with his uncle!

And here he is riding on grandma Nelson's horse with Kolton and Kade, his other uncle. They had fun on the tramp with him, where they'd jump and Jack would bounce in my lap. He loved that! He also loved crawling around on the grass for like a half hour.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Play Time

Hmmm... last week was kind of a blur. On Wednesday, my friend Cecily and I took Jack to the pool, and it was so much fun! Jack loves the water, but he gets tired so fast that he only lasts an hour or so by the time we get there.

He still can't figure out how to lay back down when he stands up in his crib, so that's a little frustrating. Especially since he's woken up about 5 or 5:30 every morning last week. We're naughty and have just brought him back to bed with us a couple times, but that doesn't always work. So, I think this week, we'll just have to make him figure out how to sit back down and go to sleep.
Friday night, we had our great friends and neighbors, Clayton and Amber, over for dinner with their boys. Doug made his awesome ribs, and they were the best I'd ever tasted. Nice work, Doug! After dinner, we played a little Rock Band. They were both such good sports with it. Good times!

And yesterday, I finished like that last 6 chapters of Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series. I'm eager to start on the fourth now! I must say though, that I never thought I'd sway from being pro Edward. After this book, and the chapter about camping, I'm a little more pro Jacob. I don't know how I feel about being a bloodsucker and living forever, even though I am fond of Edward. I think Jacob's a smarter choice. And if you've already read the last book. please don't give anything away!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dream Shopping

Don't you ever have a list of things you want to buy that it's totally ridiculous? Well, this weekend we went to pick those items out... just for fun. First, we stopped by the Dodge dealership and picked out our new Dodge Journey (my next car of choice.) It will be black and have the DVD player for the kiddies, and has awesome features like a built-in cooler in the floor, a third-row option of seating in the back, 25 MPG on the highway, and even a place to dock your iPod right in. Say goodbye to those dumb adapters of yesterday!

Probable cost : $30,000

Next, off to the new Harley Davidson dealership in Lindon. We all found a motorcycle to our liking:

Okay, I really don't want a motorcycle, they freak me out too much! I would trust me on one, and I would trust Doug on one (that statement might be pushing it), it's everyone else that I don't trust. Even if the accident's not your fault, you still lose. Anyway, even though I don't care for one, I think my boys would probably keep theirs if they could.

Probable cost: $18,000

Last, off to RC Willey for that new leather ottoman/table in the TV room. It's safer for Jack to play on, and much more comfy to put your feet on!

And while we're at it, let's tack on a leather couch for the front room, because, well let's face it. That's the first room you see when you walk in our house, and the only real piece of furniture we have in there is a bookshelf. Lame!

Cost for both items: $820

At this point, we were spent, in more ways than one!

On another note, here are some pictures of what our little ball of energy has been up to! His favorite thing to do now is holding your hands while he walks, or climbing up to either his knees or his feet, using anything taller than him. Here he is standing up using the glass on the back door, playing with daddy.

Also, he loves crawling over to the pile of laundry and just laying his head down in it. He was giving me some good faces in that second picture. What a poser!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Family, Family, and More Family

Doug's mom's family had a reunion up at Echo Resorvoir this weekend. Since Jack doesn't sleep well away from home still, we just decided to drive up Friday and hang out with everyone then, instead of camping out overnight. We wouldn't have gotten much sleep either with Jack not sleeping well. They were finishing up tie-dyed shirts when we got there, and most everyone spent the day at some point on his cousin's boat. Doug and I weren't too interested in going on the boat, so we had fun socializing with everyone in the shade, trying to stay cool.

Grandma Nelson liked taking Jack in the water

Jack's uncle Kade was nice enough to let Jack have a taste of his sunglasses. Jack was grateful!

Jack's first encounter with a big dog, and he was giving him snuggles!

I like to walk now!

Do we look groovy, or what?

Here's Jack watching Doug mow the lawn on Thursday evening. He kept moving his head and stretching his neck so he could see his dad all the time. It was pretty cute, and nice for me so I could work on dinner!

My parents came and stayed with us for the weekend, and it was so nice! They got here Thursday evening, and left Sunday morning. Their good friend's son got married in Bountiful on Friday, so they went up there for the day during Doug's reunion. On Saturday, they took us to lunch at Red Lobster, and it was so yummy! Then we went to this place by Murray called Orson Gygi, where they had all this cool kitchen stuff. It was a little pricey, but it was fun! That's where my mom buys her chocolate for when she makes chocolates every Christmas. I might try and make some this Christmas, we'll see! My dad also helped Doug kill a wasp's nest right above our back porch door. *shudder* Those things are all over, so it was nice to find a source and kill it! My mom made Doug some of her homemade chocolate chip cookies that he loves, and helped me fix some clothes and work on the chair that I'm forever trying to reupholster. Thanks again for coming mom and dad, I miss you guys already!